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International Alliance Against the BS Leftism

There's a black cloud of doom forming over the west. A malaise that's turning even the most intelligent people into aggressive cynics, pessimists, passive nihilists, alcoholics, masturbaters, videogamers, or just plain unpleasant people to be around. Everybody's fucking miserable and it makes me sick.

This coincides with the rise of the internet. Information overstimulates us and we're taking far more bullshit than our brains evolved to process. You may have had a clear grasp of reality in the past. You may have had "beliefs", "ideals", or just a good understanding of things. Now you're just an animal put in state of delirium by an overdose of stimulation. A primate brain convoluted by a wealth of junk information that does nothing but tug emotion and leads to no knowledge or insight whatsoever.

Shut it all off for a while. Find someone to fuck. It relieves a lot of tension. If you can't, go in the woods, find a deer, and jerk off in front of it. It better than wasting four hours in front of a fucking computer screen.

Listen to metal, classical, Dead Can Dance, or whatever brings the most feelings of stability. Read Nietzsche, H.P. Lovecraft, the Tao Te Ching, The Bhagavad Gita, or even Harry Potter. Anything that makes you forget the bullshit or reminds you of what really matters.

Fucking KNOWLEDGE up in here. Inspiring post, 5/5 would read again.

Though I'm in partial agreement with Imposition - don't retreat fully. Complete isolation from the world is kind of selfish. Honestly with the state of the world today I don't know if I can blame people for wanting to escape from it.

Complete isolation from the world is kind of selfish.

In a moral sense?

Complete isolation from the world is kind of selfish.

In a moral sense?

Yeah. It's kind of like running with your tail between your legs 'cause you can't handle the pressure.

I don't think the world is owed any involvement.

Putting one's head in the sand is obviously not encouraged, but there's a difference between that and choosing not to engage with modernity.

Thanks for all the imput. Valuable stuff.

Thanks for those who gave individual advice, but my purpose is more to ALERT people about this, and not the people who already shun such manifestations (what I call neo-feminism), but good people who may be misled by this plague, as I was misled by several wrong values when I was teen, and someways still am. Maybe in the future I will have much different opinions.

One thing that bothered me about ANUS was how prozak said that going to isolation was defeatist, wrong, selfish, etc... but see, at the same time, they promoted the unabomber. The thing is I had a childish mentality, took all literally, took all as an attack to my self.

The truth is there are stuff which is ADVISABLE to advise against! Like isolation. Keep praising it and you'll get... a bunch of isolated people. But the fact that they said those things about isolationists does not mean that they really think that people should not do that. If you think it is the best for you, do it.

Maybe in your isolation, 1, 2, 3 people you'll meet you'll influence society more than meeting 300 people while living a non-isolated life that you didn't want! That's just a symbolic example.

Anyway, contradiction abounds, especially here in ANUS. It always did, that's what was hard for me about it. Now I kinda understand.

If you notice, prozak still talks about drugs and sodomy. He "hints" about it from time to time. Why? Does that mean he still uses drugs or does sodomy? No, but through that we can see that his stances on those matters now are influenced by the collective good, it may not reflect his individual choices or opinions.


There are strong, brave women here in brazil who are drawn to these feminist movements. Differently from some conservative people I don't want to put them all in a church, in marriage, with clothes and all that shit. There are actually few things as beautiful as a strong woman with the bare chest out.  I applaud their courage and extremism, but what I do not applaud is to see them get sucked in by bullshit stuff as:

-Killing formed fetuses (3 months old)
-Gay adoption
-Forbidding people to make fun of blacks, gays or any other group
-Forbidding people to tell the truth. (Example: There is a black man who stinks so you say "You stinky black mo'fucka!")
-Forbidding people to have racial pride (white, in that case.)
-Emasculating men
-Promoting relativism instead of the obvious absoluteness of things
-Saying that a guy who insisted to have sex until the girl accepted is a rapist

And much more shit... gonna stop now before it starts to stink.

But these women who join these things are the smart ones... some of them at least... I think we should all join... even with conflicting viewpoints, for the COLLECTIVE GOOD OF THE BRAZILIAN RACE AND PEOPLE. Against all forms of TYRANNY, EXPLOITATION, WHITE-DEVILRY and such!


Why can't all posts have this much titties?

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Be thankful for small mercies.

The women who promote it use a smart tactic of mixing real, serious problems like misoginy, sexual harassment in offices, hospitals, etc., women beating at home, rape, etc... with trivial bullshit like: Strange homophobia laws, abortion, forbidding psychologists to treat gays out of homosexuality (if they so wish), giving benefits to the blacks, emasculating men, destroying the difference between the sexes (and creating new sexes), etc...

This is pretty common in the USA too.

It's the nature of politics. You have to trot out the orphans, poor, minorities, disabled, women, etc. to show that a law is "good."

Unless it helps the pity-objects, it's not good... it's greed!

And then you'd be an evil Republican.