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Your Soul.

Re: Your Soul.
August 05, 2013, 12:33:35 PM
To say that my contradictory tendencies have carried me as far as their limit presupposes both a goal and a limit.
There doesn't have to be a goal, but there will be an end. The limit is not presupposed; you directly state your avoid the limitations of a fixed position. Which is itself a limitation.

To change my mind is to become something new; I may as well wake up as another person every day. On the cellular level, I am not even the same person now that I was born as. This brings me greater joy than anything else.
But if your constant state is to change your mind, then continuing to change your mind is not a change of mind at all. Adopting a dedicated stance would be a change.

...maybe I'm already dutifully dedicated to a position of non-dedication. "The only constant is change" kind of thing.
But in what way does this, an absolutist reverence for relativism, in any way show a reverence for the absolute?

Re: Your Soul.
August 05, 2013, 02:20:54 PM
You confuse mortal limits with psychic limits. Sure death is the final limit of all beings, but that is no reason to restrict yourself in life. My attention span is more than enough for one lifetime.

You are correct in that constant change is not change at all; therein lies the contradiction that is myself; dedication to change, contentment in consistency. I would recommend to anyone reading a book called The Sacred and the Profane (the author's name escapes me and I am not at home to look [I am actually at work, being paid to have this great conversation with you; one of life's small victories]). The subject is religion; why men dedicate themselves to the power of immortal ideas because nothing can last in the unfounded, chaotic, irreversible flowing "profane" universe. I suppose it is this profanity which enthralls me. Maybe I am truly an evil person? I actually play music and take my compositions more seriosuly than I take interpersonal relationships. I also draw pictures and find some joy in the art, though I do not like to let people look at them. There is beauty to me in the things that I create, but if they could not be destroyed by ultimately unstoppable entropy (chaos), then there would be no beauty in its existence.  You actually understand perfectly I think; what you are saying is exactly what I mean.