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Varg Vikernes has been arrested for 'terrorism' in France


The press are sensationalising things. Saying he is a 'sympathiser' of Brevik. At the bottom of each article they concede that Vikernes critcised the attacks. Way to be full of shit.

Fucking BBC, I've had to tone down the amount of news I get from them because of the veneer of slime just under what seem to be words of a detached observer. It has an extremely dishonest left slant, much worse than say the Guardian, which at least wears its politics on its sleeve. As far as the arrest in concerned, I had no idea Varg had moved to France. Considering the content of his blog, his history and his status (don't laugh), I would think he would want to stay away a place so infested with AIDS. I guess he must live in the countryside. He will never be tolerated by the french establishment no matter how much he has in common with the actual french people. An out of the blue arrest is an escalation though, can't say it what it means right now, maybe they were running out of excuses for "white racists are the real criminals"? More sand in your eyes white frenchmen. Open the gates! Legalize sodomy! Anti-racism for everyone!

Oh well, the important thing is more people will listen to the first three Burzum albums!

That's terrible! Just now that I have corresponded to him by e-mail, he said he could answer my questions when he got more time. I hope he is released, as you all know people like me who listened to burzum and read his interviews, are interested in exchanging e-mails with the guy.

Yeah he's very much a racist, I actually don't care much for his extreme views on race, but I could agree with many things he said besides that. I acknowledge racial differences and I think it's courageou the way he exposes the jews, although I lack the knowledge to say if what he says about them is right. I certainly don't think they, or mixed race people, or asians or blacks are inferior. some races seems inferior in some categories but as I'm mixed race I don't feel loyalty to any race. So I can see blacks don't have as much intelligence as whites or asians, or at least it seems so, I'm open to changing my views if there is evidence. I always researched ideas like jew conspiracy,  conspiracy of the white devil, etc. I think they're extreme reactions to a censorship that drowns all dangerous information for the status quo.

I don't think he would harm innocents but I'm not quite sure. I hope I can correspond with the damned white devil varg more. As a curiosity, I don't actually like the guy.

And it's pretty clear he was against brevik and had numerous articles against him. I really doubt there is a connection, I think this was deliberately made to make him look bad.

There can be great value in keeping a low profile, and keeping your mouth shut.

Actually, it's obvious that the french authorities are just being hyper proactive. Considering Vikernes' past, and some of his comments and affiliations at certain times I can see why they arrested him. It's not like they've charged him with anything. It's natural to check up on people buying guns in the modern state, and if they happen to have a violent record and links to 'extremism', then of course authorities are going to jump, even over-react. it makes them look good, if nothing else.

At this point I think it would serve Varg best to totally flip his lid and push hard in the opposite direction. Fully embrace multiculturalism, denounce racism, convert to Kabbalah, marry a jewish african immigrant (man), put his kids up for gay adoption, and release:

Fuck that picture is priceless.

it makes them look good, if nothing else.

Arresting someone because of paranoiac suspicion looks good to what kind of person?*

There is a bit of a shitstorm in the US right now because the Fed Gov has been situating itself in such a way that it will not cause a stir when they nab some poor innocent sap just because they had cause to be suspicious (maybe he visited a website about the Aryan Brotherhood and then bought some hand guns). Not that I'm defending the poor innocent sap, necessarily, although I would not like to be in that position so I do have a stake in where this whole set up lands us.

*The best answer I can come up with is, "the kind of person that defers to authority's judgment," and while that is not a bad thing, it is also not a good thing, so tell me what you think happened in this instance and what good or bad could come of it.

There can be great value in keeping a low profile, and keeping your mouth shut.

Unfortunately, while that is good advice, problems aside Varg has been an artist of the highest calibre in his history, and a person like that cant really just fade into obscurity.

It's a problem with both sides going overboard with speculation.

1. The whole "neo-nazi Breivik supporter" theme is obviously ridiculous to anyone who knows better, ie. anyone remotely interested in metal music or willing to check up on some facts. Not so much to the general public. As I see it, the Vikerneses are into homesteading in deep France, and since homesteading as a modern movement has its roots in American culture, they were bound to be interested in gun ownership (not that widespread in Europe) and the lot. Or at least that's how I explain the matter to friends and acquaintances.
2. Then again, Varg is pretty high-profile for his writings and cult status, and the fact that fellow Norwegian had sent him his manifesto before proceeding with mass murder doesn't exactly help. Preventing threats to national security is, after all, what domestic intelligence agencies exist for.

All in all, this case sounds like a routine investigation blown up to dramatic proportions by the media and "concerned Hessians" alike.

Which makes me wonder - does anybody know where the news about the arrest originally came from?

Anyone who thinks this was an honest attempt at "defending national security" is naive.

He was imprisoned for his views. That's why it's a big deal.

Then again, some people could pull their heads out of their asses and accept the fact that Varg - or any exponent of your random non-mainstream ideology, for that matter - isn't exactly important when it comes to the specifics. When you have a potential threat, you investigate it and undertake the measures necessary to contain it. It's not a great ideological crusade. It's just government operatives doing their job under the current regime, and, frankly, let's not stoop to political martyrdom. Were Varg "imprisoned for his views", we'd have prison camps all over Europe. "Honest attempts" are the domain of activists. Government agencies don't "honestly attempt", they either get something done or fail.
This whole "liberal cultural marxist PC stooges are repressing freedom" whining really reminds me of the usual liberal cultural marxist PC "The Man wants us silenced and obedient". Stop being myopic and just accept the fact that you might just be a routine security check.
Oh, wait, the flamboyant "IT'S OPPRESSION" heroism wouldn't really hold any substance at that point.

It's always good when liberals reveal themselves. 

It's always good when liberals reveal themselves.

There's that slave talk we talked about.

You're all a band of brothers, right?
Some may be slightly more to the left, and some slightly more to the right, but so what?
It's the hardcore leftists that are the plague, not the slightly-tainted-by-immersion cases.