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Varg Vikernes has been arrested for 'terrorism' in France

And I really don't want to talk about The Jews(tm).

A response to this, not from me:

...one of the omissions that MacDonald offers a huge correction for is that Jews were at the center of the social upheaval that happened in the 20th century...and I mean right at the center, laying the groundwork, putting in the time, recruiting the soldiers, everything from forming the NAACP to changing immigration law to pushing anti-science movements in academia

it sounds like a big fat conspiracy theory of the sort clung to by bitter white nationalists, but anyone with sufficient education knows it is pretty much true--the 20th century was the story of WASPs standing by and doing very little while Jews supplanted their customs and ideology with Jewish-friendly customs and ideology

and the results speak for themselves--WASP institutions and social structure crumbled, social pathology among European-derived peoples rose, whites found themselves disadvantaged by the new multicultural order, and at every point Jews either saw no change or a dramatic improvement in their circumstances (and certainly a relative improvement)

Hannah Rosin is, like most Jewish women, ugly as sin--a great argument for giving the burka a second look, and I think when you look at the rise of intellectual movements it always pays to keep your focus on the primal motives, because they're the ones that endure long after people have forgotten the complicated intellectual arguments...feminism was driven in part by the hate Jewish women felt for the human housewife and her satisfied human husband (of course there were other factors at play, including scale)

at some point you have to accept that the intelligentsia we suffer under is lousy with Jews, and a discussion of our condition becomes impossible without addressing their differences and tendencies...of course Roissy works in DC so the choice is pretty clear for him, not really a choice at all as he marinades in Jewish thinking from dawn to dusk, and likely has forgotten what it is like to live in any other circumstance

MacDonald is the author of a penetrating series of books on the subject called The Culture of Critique. No conspiracy. Naturally the neo-Nazi and even rightist neopagan response to this issue is a bit crazy, but that just comes with the territory with those people. Doesnt mean there isnt something there that should be looked it. It isnt useful to make scapegoats out of one people when the problem is deeper, but it also doesnt mean that the human enemies that promulgate this deeper problem should not be talked about. It certainly isnt about all Jews, and I do believe that the Jewish people deserve a homeland. When it comes at the expense of the same for everyone else in the world, I am not so much in favour.

I sometimes find it hilarious that Christian and Western secular writers were able to convince me of the merits of some anti-semitism when my Islamic upbringing did no such thing, despite the ubiquity of an anti-Israel viewpoint in those countries.

Hannah Rosin: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2009/04/the-case-against-breast-feeding/7311/

That was a rather intimate video, I feel like I know too much about Varg and family now. Thanks for the link.