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Azaghal / Blackdeath / Gestalte "PhoboSatan" minitour nov 2013

"PhoboSatan" tour November 2013

In november 2013, the black plague returns to Europa... A rare occasion to see these bands live.

AZAGHAL (Fin - First European tour ever)
BLACKDEATH (Rus - First European tour ever, new album "Phobos" coming soon)
GESTALTE (Nld - First European tour ever, new album "Ashes of the soul" out now on Heidens Hart Records)

Thu 14/11 FRA Lille, Le Midland
Fri 15/11 BEL Gent, The Frontline
Sat 16/11 NLD Rotterdam, Baroeg
Sun 17/11 NLD Arnhem, Willemeen

Blackdeath new album "Phobos" will be released before these concerts as well. Label will be announced later. Also there will be two additional concerts for Blackdeath in Hungary on 22 + 23 of November, and hopefully two more in Germany on 19 + 20. More info when they are confirmed.

Gestalte "Ashes of the soul" debut album is out now, listen here: http://heidenshart.bandcamp.com/