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WAR Productions - Lvsitania

WAR Productions - Lvsitania
January 09, 2009, 06:22:37 AM

Our website is full updated (Links, releases, mailorder...)
Please check it.
Plenty of itens of pure underground.

Re: WAR Productions - Lvsitania
January 19, 2009, 05:20:50 AM
Um novo site está já online / A new website is already online


Novidades no nosso mailorder / News in our mailorder.


ANXIETY (Fin) “The Holocaust Anthem” demo 05
CELESTIA (Fra) “Delhÿs-Cätess” demo 06
CULTUS (Dutchland) “Hymns Of Descending”
DEMON REALM (Den) “…Of Chaos Damnation And War” demo 99
GALGERAS (Dutchland) “Hellegast”
GRIMA MORSTUA (Arg) “Essence Of Demon’s Fire”
INTERFEKTOR (Usa) “Fullmoon Antiquity” demo 05
LEADEN (Ita) “Leaden”
THE TRUE ENDLESS (Ita) “1888 From Hell”
THE TRUE ENDLESS (Ita) “A Climb to Eternity”
L’ORDRE DU TEMPLE (Ita) “In hoc Signo vinces” demo 07
FOURTH MONORCHY (Ita)  “Porta Mágica” demo 07
EXETHERIS (Gre) “Sick & Decandent Feelings” demo 07
FIRTH OF DAMNATION (Usa) “Crossing the Unhallowed Path” demo 08
THE LAST TWILIGHT (Spa) “Unholy Terror Assault” Live tape 08
TEUTA (Ita) “Heathen Blood” demo 08
GRIMLAIR (Fra) “Inside” demo 08
SPLIT – AZAGATEL (Por) “Olokun” / DAGOR DAGORATH (Isr) “Times Of Distress” demo 08
KOLTUM (Por) “The Story Of Death” demo 08
SARRATUM (Tur) “Old, Cold, Untold” demo 08


PRAYER OF THE DYING (Malta) “From The Mouth Of The Passing”
WEVERIN (Usa) “Serpent Light”

Re: WAR Productions - Lvsitania
February 10, 2009, 03:10:16 AM

Some special prices will start today.
10 tapes for only 20 shits including postage (Portugal)
10 tapes for only 25 shits including postage (Europe)
10 tapes for only 30 shits including postage (World)

3 cds for only 25 shits including postage (for all)

The prices is only in normal postage.
If you want to get it registred please add 5 shits to the amount. We are not responsable for any lost of the post office.

Re: WAR Productions - Lvsitania
September 09, 2013, 04:16:06 AM
Much time has passed since the last update. But here we are again.
The section of the CD is updated and with a new look in order to be easier your search.
New releases are planned and soon we will give more information about them.