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The mechanics of distraction

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I am - apparently - an introvert. Which came as a big surprise, because I can be seriously extroverted when the mood takes me. I guess the display isn't as important to me, as the reality.
For those who don't know about it, here's a way to explore personality-types:

My own type vacillates between INFJ and INTJ.


--- Quote from: Omnipotence on December 14, 2013, 03:14:18 PM ---Wouldn't you agree that extroverts have an advantage over introverts? Especially in a world that neccessitates, prizes all kinds of busy-ness and activity?? You can see that with the catchphrases and many nuggets of advice throughout that scream 'doing something is better than nothing' (of course, there is a problem when that 'something' is really as empty as doing nothing).

But back to my original point: At least when the extrovert does 'something', that 'something', which could be meaningless at first, has a chance to lead to something meaningful. Well, somebody could be a social networking fiend, getting a daily fix chatting it up with online 'friends', and nothing but useless conversation comes about for the longest ennui-inducing while... but one day, a conversation that is routine-breaking, habit-changing occurs and the person gets motivated to go out into the world and exercise and learn and practice survival techniques or build a house, or whatever is a meaningful 'something'.

Following the OP's example, it would seem the introvert by nature  probably won't take risks and remain in the distraction rut moreso than the extrovert, who by doing things, could achieve a healthlier life by trial and error, without neccesarily knowing it.

In what ways could the introvert, who lives inside the mind, gain on the extrovert and maybe prove better?

--- End quote ---

I don't know why an introvert wouldn't want to learn and practice survival techniques. In fact there more chance that they will do it because they got to survive on their own instead of waiting for a social circle to do it for him. And an introvert person doesn't mean an autistic person that have zero interactions with the outside world. Introverts can do a lot of thing by there own. They have in fact more time, if they are using it wisely, to do something useful instead of chatting and doing useless tasks to make other people feel important. The majority of the great works of art are made by people who are in an introvert moods. They don't need appraisal from others. They do what must be done. The extrovert mood is only good after the work is been done so they can show it to the people if they want to.

The two oposite just need to be balanced.


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