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August 29, 2013, 05:25:16 PM
This is a medium I do not appreciate. It's become fairly commonplace, and seems to have only recent historical use in European countries. Since I respect the tastes of those here: are there any tattoos you have, or others which you find tasteful?

Re: Tattoos
August 30, 2013, 08:08:53 AM
A tattoo to me is like something etched on to say, a pristine natural landscape. No matter how tasteful it is, it wears on the senses like an alien thing. So no, and no.

Re: Tattoos
August 30, 2013, 09:53:49 AM
I never did like tattoos; certainly was never tempted to indulge.

Re: Tattoos
August 30, 2013, 11:32:15 AM
I got a handful of tattoos when I was younger. They were used to cement my advertised identity lest anyone not 'take me seriously', but I was also so insecure that I felt I needed some permanent mark just to keep from doubting my own identity.

That didn't work. I underestimated my own psychological plasticity. (That would prove to be an error repeated.)

I have one tattoo that I still like a lot; it's the control knob setup of a Boss DS-1 footswitch, drawn right on top of my foot, all knobs tuned to my preferred tone and distortion setting. Being on my foot, very few people see it. It makes me smile though.

The sstraightedge tattoo turned out to be the worst. Having to explain that to a group of stoned college students when I'm at a dealer's house... That got old.

Someone suggested that I remove the tattoos if they are embarrassing but I'd rather not. They are milestones for me. I can look at where I've come from, but they also remind me that I never really can be sure of where I'm going.

Re: Tattoos
August 30, 2013, 11:50:52 AM
I don't have one myself, but you guys will get a kick out of this.  Right when my best friend turned 18 he got C.F.H. tattooed on his shoulder.  You know what that stands for?  Cowboys From Hell!  As in Pan-tera!  bahahaaa!  We'll never let him live that one down.

Re: Tattoos
August 30, 2013, 12:05:34 PM
Depends on the application and nature of the tattoo.

I find that the precise needlework and forms which result from a good artist are compelling. One can become a mural of sorts. Tattooing is also traditionally practiced in a lot of South American and Asian cultures (as well as many others but those most prominently come to mind).

http://www.spaciousplanet.com/world/new/7-greatest-traditions-of-tribal-tattoo <----- some neat tribal pictures here along with modern douchebaggery, unfortunately. The black and white photos are particularly good.

As for myself, I plan on getting one or two of them. The designs I have in mind have particular significance to me and my structure of beliefs. I also haven't really deviated and have wanted the same tattoos for about 6-7 years now. Jim's unfortunate buddy proves that you really should plan out your ink better, lest you wind up with a Brotera tattoo. I see nothing wrong with them so long as they're able to be hidden by common clothing. Face, neck, knuckle, and any other extremity tattoo usually looks uber trashy.

Re: Tattoos
August 30, 2013, 07:57:13 PM
I know a lot of death-metal musicians are into tattoos and I don't hold it against them. Of course it's not really the image of a person that matters in that case but their music and ideas. Otherwise, I personally wouldn't even consider it. I think it's important to respect the body and to keep the skin as clear as possible.

Face, neck, knuckle, and any other extremity tattoo usually looks uber trashy.

This is pretty much the unwritten hallmark of anti-social/borderline personality disorder.

*I am a dangerous wasp as evidenced in my stripes, beware of me*

Re: Tattoos
August 30, 2013, 08:41:23 PM
*I am a dangerous wasp as evidenced in my stripes, beware of me*

True, but this mindset is partly metal's raison d'etre.


Re: Tattoos
August 30, 2013, 10:50:21 PM

Lots of nice math-nerd patterns as seen in Islamic and Indian art.

Don't have any tats, but i wouldn't mind having them on my back. Mainly so i don't have to see the same damn pattern every fucking day.

I got 4 facial piercings like 6 months ago and its been a rather interesting experience. There is something addictive about the mutilation/regrowth cycle. I'm excessively cold and rational as a personality type, so the act in itself is kind of a monument to irrationality: "because i can, and because i arbitrarily decided so" turns out to be a rather rewarding justification after all. As a practical benefit i'm completely comfortable with needles, fangs and puncture wounds in general now.

I haven't really sorted out all the social implications yet, but it can most likely be used to non-verbally probe people, and force them to reveal something about their personality.

Re: Tattoos
August 31, 2013, 02:11:48 AM
I like tattoos a lot but I have a serious problem with tattoo artists. I can't really explain why, it's just bad chemistry.

I have one tattoo, I got it when I was 20. While I was getting the tattoo done the tattoo artist started asking questions, how long have you wanted a tattoo, what are your hobbies, etc. So I started talking to him. Then later he suddenly says he can't concentrate because I'm talking too much. So I stopped talking. Then when the tattoo is finished and I'm looking at it I notice some outlines are blurry and crappy. So I said "Hey, this is a bad job man." and the stupid tattoo artist begins blaming me and saying I talked too much so he couldn't concentrate. I thought he was full of shit so I started an argument with him. I ended up being thrown out of the tattooshop but at least I didn't pay for that piece of shit.

Later I wanted to get the tattoo fixed but a lot of tattoo artists acted weird. I've found out that a bad tattoo is like a bad mark or something. The tattoo artists were nice until I showed them the tattoo, then suddenly they changed their attitude and started charging me ridiculous prices if I wanted to have the tattoo fixed. Apparently showing a badly done tattoo to a tattoo artist is like wearing a sign that says "kick me"

Unfortunately I've become too estranged from tattoo artists to ever trust them again. I tried getting my tattoo fixed years later. I went to some tattooshop somewhere after hearing several recommendations from friends. But as soon as I sat down in the seat the guy starts asking me questions and getting me to talk (of course) but I didn't say anything this time. Can you guess what happens next? The first line, the very first line he puts on my arm is fucking curved and choppy as fuck! But this time nobody could blame me for talking too much. So I say to the tattoo artists "what are you doing man?" and the guy is like "yeah don't worry, I'll fix that later" and I'm like "dude I'm here to get this tattoo fixed and you're ruining it more!" and then he got all insulted and we ended up fist fighting. I was so pissed off after that I wanted to throw a brick through the tattooshop window but I managed to control my anger.

So is this some kind of routine that tattoo artists do? First they get you to talk so when they ruin the tattoo they can blame you for it. Tattoos look nice on photos and in movies but in real life when you see them closeby and you see all the lines are messed up etc... It's a con, that's what it is. Tattoo artists are conmen selling you an illusion. You'd be better off spending your money on a hooker, at least she'll be more honest about her job and some genital diseases can look pretty cool too from a distance.

Re: Tattoos
August 31, 2013, 05:54:19 AM
I haven't really sorted out all the social implications yet

Well you`re definitely not coming to my house mate.

Re: Tattoos
August 31, 2013, 06:18:51 AM
Taradiddle: I empathize with the joy of plunging into irrationality; doing something for no good reason but for fulfilling soime arbitrary capacity. Good stuff man.

I have had sloppy tattoos and extremely clean tattoos. It all depends on your artist. There are good ones out there. Ask people about their tattoos, find out who did them, how much they charged. If it is a clean image and it cost them a lot, you can bet on their artist. The disciplined ones know their value and will charge for their superior work. Of course this is an extremely general observation but it helps when narrowing down artists when you want work done.

Re: Tattoos
August 31, 2013, 02:22:39 PM
I like tasteful (i.e, ugly/Satanic/morbid), well-designed tattoos.

The fact that they're permanent, alien to the body, and in some respects disfiguring is part of their value. There is no such thing is nature. Or, said another way, everything that happens is nature.

I am not interested in putting them on public display, however, so under the shirt/pants/shoes only. I might consider public tattoos only if/when I ever get tenure.

Re: Tattoos
August 31, 2013, 02:29:28 PM
The skin is a beautifully complex organ. You are right that a tattoo is not strictly unnatural, but it is certainly out of place on such a magnificent edifice as the human body. No matter what design is inked on, it will remain inferior to what lies underneath. Something few appreciate because of its ordinariness to us. That is what strikes me as out of place, alien. I have a similar aversion to piercings. The effect of memetic exposure by gazing on flesh is also annoying, it isnt a place I want to see symbol.


Re: Tattoos
September 01, 2013, 04:58:45 AM
I'd argue that most human bodies are fairly repulsive under closer inspection - particularly when you start to open them up.

When i see surface piercings (piercing through flat/non-convex/non-concave regions) i have the urge to remove them the same way you would a splinter. The body tends to reject and push them out itself anyway.

But really, the same could be said of this picture:

(manually open url for higher resolution)

Ugly skin and teeth, and that stray nose hair is really begging to be ripped out.