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ForeBears (Varg Vikernes/Marie Cachet) film trailer

I am very interested in this film, I hope it goes into detail regarding the work of Emil Bächler, who has published regarding the possibility of a Neanderthal bear cult. I also hope it does not push the europeans-evolved-from-neanderthals angle too hard as genetic information does not support it. Neanderthal admixture is absolutely fascinating though. It really changes your... perspective I suppose you could say (it doesnt really affect much practically, but you see things differently) to learn that all non-African/New guinean (except North Africa etc.) populations have significant Neanderthal genes. The estimated percentage was recently upped as well. All non-Africans descend from two hominid species, with Vanuatans etc. deriving some descent from Denisovan hominids. That implies a gulf between some extant human races that is quite a bit deeper than previously realized.

I like the part where he drives through town, low-profile, in an army truck and later when he mutters something to himself after seeing that unburned church.  ;)