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Gehenna - Unravel

Gehenna - Unravel
September 18, 2013, 01:07:15 PM

GEHENNA – Unravel (CD and LP)

Release date 11th of October NOR and G/A/S, 14th of October in EUROPE

·Cult Band GEHENNA is back after 8 (!) years with an uncompromising new Black Metal masterpiece!
·GEHENNA are True Norwegian Black Metal since 1993!
·8th record in their career – 1ST brand new record for Indie Recordings!
·It carries the spirit from WW, and twists it to confront a more post-apocalyptic era.
·20 years anniversary in 2013!
·Produced by GEHENNA in their home catacombs

Tracklist CD & LP:
1. The Decision
2. Unravel
3. Nothing Deserves Worship
4. Nine Circles of Torture
5. A Grave of Thoughts
6. Lead to the Pyre
7. End Ritual
8. Death Enters

Gehenna is:
Dolgar – Bass | Sanrabb - Giutar & vocals | Skinndød – Guitar | Slaktaren - Drums