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Baby boomer dictionary

Re: Baby boomer dictionary
September 22, 2013, 04:19:58 PM
We need a term for a bizarre, debilitating pattern of behavior particular to female boomers attempting to accomplish some task. Alone, the subjects function nominally, achieving results that can be expected from anyone, given the allotted time and individual competence level.

When the female boomer is accompanied by someone else however, the performance level of task accomplishment substantially degrades. The subjects feel deeply compelled to deliberate about every conceivable aspect of the awaiting task prior to its undertaking.

The deliberating activity will consume five, ten, even twenty times the expected duration of simply undertaking the task under discussion without any socializing. For a fictitious example, a small knickknack needs to be removed from a shelf, repackaged and finally delivered into a storage area.

Alone, the female boomer would simply execute the task within about two minutes. But add any random interested passerby, another geriatric peer of like demographic, or even a hired helper attending to something else nearby and there is a high probability that the simple task will take about a half hour.

So, what about the deliberation compulsion requires an extra twenty-eight minutes for a two minute task? Typical discussion minutiae are as follows:

who will execute which stages of the task
will the granddaughter who gifted the knickknack end up with hurt feelings
which new object should replace the knickknack
what sort of bargain the new object was at the flea market
does the new object match the wall paint
maybe we should paint the room too
no, I'm going to use this other object instead
oh look I think the empty space needs dusting now
should I get the dust cloth or can you do it
thanks, oops, sorry I forget to have you get the furniture polish too
are you mad at me
do you want cake
oh I know how about cookies
I have these great butternut cookies you should try them
I'm going to have a diet coke
why don't you want anything to eat
okay what were we doing
are you still upset
should I use wrapping paper on the knickknack or just box it
did you remember to dust
do you know where the storage closet is
no don't put the crystal there, use the garden gnome
isn't it cute
no it doesn't fit
should we make the shelf bigger or use something else instead
don't forget to put the old knickknack away
do you think she will be upset I removed it
you still didn't dust
don't forget to polish too
I'm getting hungry are you hungry

Re: Baby boomer dictionary
September 22, 2013, 10:08:14 PM
Not bad for the preamble that builds up to the actual performance.
It's not just women, either.

You can have a life, or you can socialize. Free-will comes as standard equipment.

Re: Baby boomer dictionary
September 23, 2013, 05:18:49 AM
Good show... That was delightful, scourge. Did your mom ever tell you that you could be in comedy?

I am the lone male employee working in my shop, and I see this happen daily. Occasionally one of the women will try to ask me about some job or tell me about theirs, and I will not say much except Yep, that's what I'm doing or Okay, let me know if you need help. That second one has become my standard reply; it tells them that I don't really care what they think of their work but I am interested in seeing the job get done. I stay very reserved because it's better to be thought of as the quite weirdo than the asshole.

I almost left out the best part; one of the ladies is a hardcore Obama fan and will rant and rave against any percieved detraction from Our Glorious Leader even when she has nothing whatever positive to say about him.

Re: Baby boomer dictionary
September 23, 2013, 11:34:18 AM
Let's just call it compulsive belaborment where the subject is compelled by the presence of someone else to begin exhaustively conversing.

Good show... That was delightful, scourge. Did your mom ever tell you that you could be in comedy?

Various people said I have a particular charm with women. Spontaneous humor is a major component. It helped supplant the inanity and insanity of boomer women at work with delight.

Re: Baby boomer dictionary
September 23, 2013, 11:53:40 AM
The challenge then is to avoid becoming too depressed as you are the only one catching the jokes.

I've taken advantage of the situation, though; during Obamaphile's rant about how gun laws are too lax when any idiot can stroll into a movie theater and etc., I said aside to one woman, "Yeah but think about how Germany got taken over by the Nazi's, same thing that happened in Egypt last month. The government made it illegal for civilians to have assault rifles, and so they were easy to take over. Now America is taking assault rifles from its civilians, so only the cops and soldiers have them. Are we about to be taken over too?"

I really had no idea how much of an affect it would have, but it was *massive*. Now this woman is all suspicious and curt with the Obamaphile, and constantly makes clipped comments about health care reform just to pry for a reaction.

Hell, just last week, she brought up how a college was basically sticking their employees for extra insurance premiums if they were fat or smokers. This sent Obamaphile on a rant about how it's not fair to judge people by their decisions like that and whatnot (because she is not fat but is a smoker). Afterward, the woman says to me that she was trying to get Obamaphile to say anything even remotely negative about Obama so we could harass her for inconsistent views. Now Obamaphile didn't say anything (she went outside for a smoke break), but that woman giggled and chuckled with me about how Obamaphile was so blind to her own outrage at a policy that Obamacare pushed and etc. She felt good for being in on a joke too. I've created a monster!

Re: Baby boomer dictionary
September 23, 2013, 01:12:47 PM
No the humor was shared by everyone.

There was an article last year comparing people with the liberal disposition with school children. The article found equivalencies in the underdeveloped sense of justice found in each group.