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Kraftwerk reviews

Kraftwerk reviews
September 23, 2013, 09:41:24 AM

Kraftwerk - Radioactivity (Capitol, 1975)

A resurrection of Renaissance thinking in popular music, these neo-classical compositions rendered in digital precision with alertness and agility demonstrate growth and chillingly exact conclusion in the midst of electronic music. Strips of notes are bent and shifted into complementary threads of harmony which suggest a range of moods. Human voices and electronic instruments merge in a flow of pleasant sound that is unique in melody and structure, distinctive above all other acts in this genre. And while mostly an invocation of the inspiration of an individual within a distant world, these songs often bring us some future foretold. When they sing, "Radioactivity... it's in the air for you and me" is the melody we are supposed to hear grimly humorous and hauntingly sad? - Heidenlärm Issue 3

Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express (Capitol, 1977)

In making the "universal pop song" as once their vision suggested, the quartet of digital programmers known as Kraftwerk unveiled a new vision of music: spacily melodic, classically-derived, with hypnotic digital rhythm and vocal rrangements from rock styles. Ultra-precise keyboard riffs alternate over a consistent beat, and merge as themes expand. Shadowing a future for both electronic music and abstracted forms of underground sound, Kraftwerk escaped the need to hide behind mainstream conventions of "rock" dominance. As intricate and varied as it is consistently inventive, this album impresses with an ability to layer melodies of ancient pride in a universally sensible voice. - Heidenlärm Issue 3

Simple monotonous beats follow an equal counterpart in melodic percussion, and thereby form a basic rhythmic ground for the music to stand on. On top of this computerized battery, simple but surprisingly profound melodies of treble clearness, pave way for an overall homogenized listening experience.

While many artists have tried the same musical outlook as Kraftwerk, most of them have failed completely. The genius found within these musicians, reach its climax when a lengthy song manage to retain its almost silly simplicity, yet creating melodic complexity on top of that, and thereby never relapsing into boredom or musical overindulgence. "Man-Machine" is therefore an artistic way of growing aware and separating itself from the dangers it is trying to present, by paradoxically using its targets as base for its own musical success; an ironic take on the modern society and its different means of mechanizing the things that make us human. - http://www.anus.com/zine/music/kraftwerk/man-machine/

Kraftwerk - Computer World (Elektra, 1981)

The most popular Kraftwerk album for its pop refinement and sense of lush harmonies and shameless transition of mood; the electronic age encloses in hookish pop music the knowledge of classical Europe. Brilliantly conceived in melody and concept, these songs of electronic instrumentations bring additional levels of structure and meaning to popular music. Vocals are soft and encourage song development with sparse placement. Complex and vivid music presents a challenging listen that if understood reveals a vision of will to life outside of mainstream conformity to emotional plasticism. - Heidenlärm Issue 3

Re: Kraftwerk reviews
October 06, 2013, 07:20:38 PM

Kraftwerk - Tour De France Soundtracks (Astralwerks, 2003)

A refined minimalism guides this piece, as it does all the others. What is needed is kept and made dominant so that the virus makes itself indispensable to the mind seeking completion to the beat, the phrase or the verbal accompaniment that periodically intervenes with three-word lyrics. Unlike rock music, which is stranded in the world of stringed instruments, this music admits several different octaves of keyboards and electronic sounds interacting, blurring the difference between percussion and tone as easily as it removes the focus from a dominant instrument and turns it instead to chronological layers of phrase interacting in counterpoint.


One of their best! And if you every get the chance to see them perform live do so at all costs.
They'll blow your little cotton socks clean off!