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"Inside Metal: Pioneers of L.A. Rock and Metal: The Early Years Part 1" film

The untold story about the real Los Angeles Metal and Hard Rock music scene as told by the musicians, music business insiders and scenesters.

INSIDE L.A. METAL: Episode 1 - The Pioneers of the Los Angeles Hard Rock Scene!
(1975 - 1981)

INSIDE L.A. METAL: Episode 2 - The Los Angeles Metal Scene Explodes! (1982 - 1986)

INSIDE L.A. METAL: Episode 3 - The Los Angeles Thrash & Underground Metal Scene of the early '80s

First title is on the early years (1975-1981) is the initial tile of the INSIDE LA METAL Series. DVD out in Feb. 2014. As for the 2nd and 3rd titles, no release dates are set just yet, but it would be safe to say sometime in 2014 as well.