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NAUSEA “World struggle: demos 1988-1992″ gatefold LP

Are you ready for a whirlwind assault of seminal L.A. Grindcore? Pre-orders for NAUSEA‘s “World struggle: demos 1988-1992″ gatefold LP are open now via FOAD Records / Scareystore, smoothing the way for the band’s upcoming European tour in October 2013 that will leave your eardrums completely pulverized. This is pure old school Grindcore and you can’t get closer to TERRORIZER‘s legendary album “World downfall“. Fact is: about a third of the songs of Terrorizer’s “World downfall” were actually NAUSEA material, the previous band of vocalist Oscar Garcia. Born from the ashes of MAJESTY, they were not a side project of Terrorizer (as many think incorrectly), but a definite band. When Terrorizer broke up in early 1988 Nausea was in fully active. In fact “World Downfall” was recorded posthumously one year later and contained some Nausea songs that Oscar took to complete the album (‘Corporation Pull-in’, ‘Need to Live’, ‘Condemned System’ and the title track ‘World Downfall’ that was in origin a Majesty song). This LP collects the band’s classic “Psychological conflict” EP (1990), the obscure and under-rated “Tumor” Demo (1992) and the entire split Demo with TERRORIZER (1988) bootlegged on vinyl by Headache Rec in the early 90′s.

This is raw, doomy and corrosive death metal tinged GRIND with whirlwind blast beats and those incredible moshing riffs that became so influential when “World Downfall” gained its deserved success. 18 songs in total, as always restored and mastered at Toxic Basement Studio, glossy gatefold sleeve with rare photos and an extensive interview.

Die-hard “tumoral” edition ltd. to 100 in bronze/black/brown splatter vinyl:


Fuck, I wish I had the extra $ for this. Love this band. "Tumor" is a pretty awesome demo. Their album "Crime Against Humanity" is stellar too. Grind with many doomy moments. Definitely a characteristic sound.