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Axiom of the Elite zine (NZ)

Axiom of the Elite zine (NZ)
September 27, 2013, 08:26:13 PM

Following on the success of Issue 1, Axiom of the Elite Issue 2 is soon to be released.
Crammed full of anecdotal history of bands from the nether regions of the world.

This issue features 12 of the best (yet lesser known or unknown internationally) bands of various metal genres from New Zealand and comes with digital download codes of high quality mp3s, FLAC or wavs of all the bands featured:

Arc of Ascent (Crushing Stoner Doom Metal)
Bloodfvkk (Reckless Grind Metal)
Boltcutter (Dystopian Crust Punk)
Brutal Supremacy (Barbaric Death Metal)
Carnal (Pulverising Brutal Death Metal)
Filthy Lucifer (Feral Crust Black Metal)
Horrendous Disfigurement (Defiling Death Metal)
Malevolence (Legendary Death/Grind Metal)
Orgiastic Rebirth (Ugly, Filthy Brutal Death Metal)
Red Dawn (Ripping Power/Heavy Metal)
Stormforge (Thunderous Power/Heavy Metal)
Trepanation (Apocalyptic War/Grind Metal)

Strictly limited to 200 copies, so don't miss out.
Release date is officially the 28th of September.
All pre-orders can be made via the Facebook page or at deusintroclades@gmail.com

Pricing = $8 US / $10 NZD + shipping.

Death awaits within black and white heresy.

Trades/Wholesale welcome, contact directly for pricing/tradelists

For more information check here: