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Dawn reveal what happened with "Slaughtersun" and afterwards

What happened after the Slaughtersun recording? '. In April 1997, we started recording the Slaughtersun disc. We had rehearsed a lot and was well prepared. We recorded the album after that Dimmu Borgir had recorded Enthrone Darkness Triumphant a few weeks before. Everything rolled on well and two weeks passed quickly. After the recording, I felt it was time to move on and moved up to Stockholm because of a job. Jocke Pettersson also moved up to Stockholm and got a job at Sunlight Studios with Tomas Skogsberg and determined to quit in Dawn. It was hard to find a drummer that could replace Jocke Pettersson. 1999 rang Tomas Asklund (ex Dissection, ex Dark Funeral, Gorgoroth) me and asked if he could audition. We then started to discuss alot to change things and set a higher goal to build on the Dawn´s Music and arrangements without dropping embers. Making a Slaughtersun part two were excluded. Tomas also had the opportunity to play in Dissection a number of years and was involved in Black Moons project Infernal. Tomas has invested a lot of time to build up his studio Monolith and I've been locked up in my apartment until 2008 and been obsessed with doing riffs. It ended up that we first got started in 2008 with the recording of the new album "The Fourfold Furnace".