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Masculinity and Femininity in metal (Geert Hofestede)

An interesting thread:

Hofstede conducted a study in the 60's 70's by submitting questionnaires to IBM employees all over the world in order to compare the responses for cultural differences.

Japan ranked highest in the world for masculinity, [masculinity-femininity (task orientation versus person-orientation)]


This explains a lot of metal.

  • When it is masculine, it is outward- and goal-oriented: epic battle, the soul, concepts, history, violence.
  • When it is feminine, it is oriented toward people, feelings and socialization.


[1] http://geert-hofstede.com/national-culture.html

[2] http://www.andrews.edu/~tidwell/bsad560/HofstedeMasculinity.html

Too much `masculinity` by this definition, too much task orientation, is literally Aspergers (per Simon Baron Cohen). For this reason I find it to be a little simplistic when extended to things like music.