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Birth A.D. intie

Re: Birth A.D. intie
September 30, 2013, 09:27:10 PM
The song takes a stab at the thrash trend-mongering as a whole, which does include Municipal Waste. We werenít singling them out, but Iíll say that I thought they sucked since I first heard them in 2005. I wanted to like them, but in my mind they missed the mark and have made a career of continuing to be off-base. It was really irritating to discover that they were the thrash equivalent of Cheetos. I fucking hate bands that have nothing to say. They were part of the reason I got pissed off enough to finally get Birth A.D. off the ground, but to say that they are my main target is mistaken and gives them too much credit besides. Itís nothing personal, I just think theyíre doing it wrong. And for the record, weíre not a retro-thrash band. Birth A.D. is crossover thrash in the present tense, and we are focused on creating new material that doesnít need to lean on the efforts of our forebears.