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"We sing dark hymns of pure devotion for Lord Satan"

Aditya Mehta, founder and vocalist of Solar Deity, a Mumbai based band, is unabashed about their brand of music. "Satan/ Satanism is the most powerful thing in the world. Once you go over to the dark side, you are bestowed with all that you desire. We sing dark hymns of pure devotion for Lord Satan".

The four-member band has released 3 EPs and 1 single till date, called In The Name of Satan, The Darkness of Being and Devil Worship, respectively. "We love singing Lord Satan's praises, for he is the king of this world, the ruler of Earth, and the keeper of this universe. We exist for Satan and bow before him," says Mehta.

"This beautiful world is being raped by the several weak religions that plague it. The pathetic human race should be wiped out of existence," says Mehta, by way of explanation of the themes of the songs. Take for example the first song from their EP Devil Worship, Raise The Horns. It is about Satan's glorious kingdom where angels forever die and false gods are enslaved. Supreme Evil is about a sex ritual which involves a virgin demon goddess being sodomised by five Satanic priests at the altar of sacrifice inside the black temple and Through The Hallways Of Narak is about the spirit of a Satanist feeling blessed to have gone straight to Hell .


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