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Tridroid records news: Iron Kingdom / Tyrants Blood


Tridroid Records is proud to announce that we will be holding the official cassette release of Iron Kingdom's "Curse of the Voodoo Queen" and "Gates of Eternity" at Music Madhouse Records in Burnaby BC Canada! We will have copies of the cassettes on hand for sale and we will be holding a meet and greet where you can talk to the band and get your cassettes signed!

The release and meet and greet will start at 1pm sharp! The address for Music Madhouse Records is 9304 Salish Court in Burnaby BC. Please confirm your attendance by going to the Facebook page and joining here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1434723930087797/


Our vinyl release of Tyrants Blood's excellent "Into the Kingdom of Graves" is roughly 1 month away! Pre-orders are going fast so now is the time to head over to our Bandcamp and reserve your own copy now! Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl, "Into the Kingdom of Graves" is one of the best extreme albums of the year! Pre-order the album at our Bandcamp here:http://tridroid.bandcamp.com/album/into-the-kingdom-of-graves