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anus.com top 15 death metal albums torrent!

Re: anus.com top 15 death metal albums torrent!
November 01, 2013, 05:22:07 AM
A recent discussion thread on which appreciation of this albums was touched has prompted me to want to want to start an album per album discussion on the albums on the list. In the listed order (just to have some order).  The fact that I think I do not completely understand the merit of some of the albums in that list makes me want to do this. 
For example, I would remove Necrophobic's debut and insert Gorguts' FWtH, because I think the former one is a little more derivative (although probably not for its time) and FWtH although somewhat standard in form is an example of well-done long-phrase riffs, fluent songwriting and unique style.  I would remove Obituary's Cause of Death and insert Vader's De Profundis, because I think the latter has songs with more interesting structure and variation.

What do you guys think about the list itself? What is your personal take on the selection of albums there?
Would you care to start a discussion from top to bottom on the merits and reason for these albums to be on the list?

Re: anus.com top 15 death metal albums torrent!
November 01, 2013, 05:10:59 PM
I would strongly disagree with that. The Necrophobic debut is a very strong, very musical album with excellent songs and the excellent melodicity Blackmoon (RIP sweet prince :( ) brings. Plus it functions as a very cohesive album. From Wisdom is a whole step down from that, it is at best an okay work, but compared to the rest of the stuff that was released around that time period it is really good. Sort of like taking Obscura and using it to make ordinary modern-ish metal.

Though I have to say I did ignore The Nocturnal Silence for a while because it sounded ordinary and generic, but those are all superficial aspects.