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Immortal's "Pure Holocaust" is 20 years old today

Immortal's "Pure Holocaust" is 20 years old today
November 01, 2013, 08:18:38 AM

Our review, written in the year of this CDís release, captures much of what makes this album great. There are two levels to its greatness, stylistic and content, and while related they cannot be made equivalent.


One of the best and one of my favourite Immortal albums, immortalized in the excellent review posted above. Lets celebrate with some classics:


Eternal hails to this great band. Now sadly, beyond the pale, but we will never forget this album.

I believe in tragedies, I believe in desecration!

Pure Holocaust sounds like the eternal battle of Sky Cult VS. Earth Cult with no clear victor.  The battle rages on.

The birth of Holocaust Metal!