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Beethoven - Große Fuge, op. 133 (Takács Quartet)

He who divines the secret of my music is delivered from the misery that haunts the world
- Beethoven


If I have divined the secret of any Beethoven piece, it sure isn't op. 133. Those late quartets still elude me...

Maybe a combination of listening to and GETTING FAMILIAR with intricate music such as Bach's "The Art of Fugue" (since Grosse Fugue is precisely a fugue) and some dissonant twisted music (not only the classic composers but maybe even metal such as Immolation from albums like Herein After and Unholy Cult) can help in training the ear to listen to late Beethoven string quartets.  Specially this one.

Various recordings of Grosse Fuge


Already more than familiar with the intricate and twisted music you mention, I've re-listened all the quartets. It's mostly that I find the G.F. hard to digest in itself, and that I adore the individual movements of opp. 130 & 132 but fail to get the big picture. G.F. was supposed to be the finale to 130, but it feels an era of musical development is missing between them. My cd lists it as the finale of 130, with the later finale following it. Kind of absurd.