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Why we worry.

Why we worry.
November 04, 2013, 06:12:53 PM
Worrying about things is something everybody knows about.
Or at least, knows what it is like.
But why do we do it?

Insecurity/fear. Nothing more.
Imagining a possible scenario, or a scenario that is approaching, and doubting one's ability to deal with it.

But consider: worrying depends upon lead-time. Something that seems to threaten, but at some point in the future.
Nobody worries about being broke when one actually is broke. Or being caught shoplifting when one actually is caught. One simply deals with whatever it is, to the best of one's ability, when it happens.

Is there an answer to worrying? Since absolutely nobody enjoys doing it, having an answer to it might be good.
Yes, there is an answer to worrying. About anything!

Know thyself. Completely. This involves becoming completely honest. Which, as an added benefit, involves being completely honest with oneself. This honesty unlocks hidden potential, that lies dormant in everyone, enabling them to be more capable than they ever imagined. One's entire toolkit becomes available for use, and a formidable toolkit it is.

I haven't worried about much, for a long time, and, as if by osmosis, neither has my wife. What comes, comes.
We deal with whatever comes, as it comes, and experience shows that, with this approach, there is very little that can not be dealt with. It is a strategy that works.

Imagine being completely confident, in any situation. Not merely acting like it, but being it, for real.
Imagine never doubting one's ability to deal with absolutely anything that comes up.
You don't have to just imagine it, though. It is not difficult to achieve.

Only people who don't know themselves, worry. Those that do know themselves, don't worry.
Worrying is a big deal for those who are unable to not worry. Some even end up as suicides.
It is a very good idea to spend time reintroducing yourself to yourself. Only this time, honestly.
If there is a key, or keys, to becoming superhuman, then this is one of them.