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Some of my music (WARNING: Shameless self-promotion inside)

Dead last asked if I had any of my music to share, so I've uploaded a couple of tracks to youtube.

Chupacabra is the more melodic stuff. My 'main' project I guess you could say. 'The Villager' is the first track of an album, The Abject that I've been working on for many years.

Intet is more minimalistic and abrasive. There's still some melody in there, though. 'Glimt' is the first (and only) finished track from Intet at this point. An album of this is in the making as well.

I've added some sexy, MTV-styled videos to the music for extra mass-market-appeal.

Nice candle. Don't know about the background noise, though.
It reminds me of the random incomprehensibility of humans, going about their insane activities.
My wife gave me a curious look when she heard me airing it.
I gave her a curious look in return.

Haha! Glad you liked the candle :)

Scrutinizing human activities, I've often found that they're rarely as random as they seem at first glance - though they remain insane and somewhat incomprehensible.

Thanks for listening!

I like the Chupacabra over the second. Seems very much intended as ambient music.

Intet reminds me of seizures for some reason.


I like it. It has the right spark and I would love to hear more.
I agree that the Chupacabra material is stronger.