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What bands are you listening to today?

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I'll definitely be giving it another chance.

MDC-Millions of Dead Cops all

Infest-No Man's Slave

Siege-Drop Dead

Started on a playlist that will probably end by tomorrow evening as I am able to listen throughout a great part of the day and evening.

Basically, it's Wagner's The Ring of the Nibelungs , with a classic Black Metal albums in between.
Started off with The Celtic Winter, and then into Das Rheingold.
The other Black Metal albums presiding the other three sections are Transilvanian Hunger, Det Frysende Nordariket and Dol Goldur.
To close the playlist I placed Hvis Lyset Tar Oss and Filosofem after Gotterdammerung.

It may be someone thinks this interrupts the feeling of the opera. But I think considering the fact that each of the sections is from 2 to 4 hours long, I am not sure this is a valid point. You 'd need to take breaks from it anyway. And I will, and while in the break submerge into the small window into spiritual worlds those Black Metal albums present us with.

 A lot of early black metal. There is just something that is so perfect about the aggressiveness of Thrash Metal and the grittiness of Black Metal. Bathroy, Sodom, and Venom: all great black metal bands from the '80s.

Fenrir, I honestly don't know how you can listen to metal and classical back to back. I mean, it's great that you can and I can certainly appreciate the deeper link between various, seemingly contrasting forms of music, but my own experiences as a listener would find the abrupt jump from one 'sound texture' to the next a bit jarring.


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