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November 11, 2013, 05:17:32 PM
Some of you already know the blandness of a life that is too safe.
Maybe some of you also dread the uselessness of a death-by-stupidity.
How many of you have walked the razor's edge of the in-between?

I've often lived on the edges of life, balanced, precariously between the living and the dead.

Life has the potential to be - in itself - spectacularly worth living. So why is it mostly a dull and crushingly boring drudge?
Seasoning is the key. Danger the spice. But not stupid danger, as in that laughably misused slogan "No Fear!"

A risky life is a life lived to the full. Risk as an everyday factor. Lived in places and in ways where risk can not be avoided. Because what humans do best is problem-solve. This rising-above-adversity is the seasoning that brings out the subtle taste of paradise, that separates the living from the dead.

If you're gonna live, then do it while you're young. Your later years, if you are lucky enough, or adaptable enough, to have any, will then take their rightful place as a time to reflect over those glorious days of young-and-strong, and wisdom will be yours, before your time is up.

You'll need wisdom, at some point.