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Belphegor - The Last Supper

Belphegor - The Last Supper
November 13, 2013, 03:02:47 PM
Belphegor on The Last Supper shows growing avareness of black metal paradigm and gradual adaptation of some of its melodic ideas, before the band took path of which Marduk is infamous. At the same time its nature is transitional, incosistent in its artistic goals. Similar to their first Ep, which is like demo material that wasn't practised by sufficient amount of time in order to discern only those parts which are usefull, we can hear some stylistic quirks here. It sounds a bit random on song level and a bit directionless on album level. It's not brutal death metal. It's more of a phrasal variety. It borrows solutions and aesthetics of Sepultura, Deicide, Malevolent Creation and maybe Obituary. Unnecesarily, more advanced stylistics of Emperor and Morbid Angel are superimposed on their own aesthetics which ends up in conflict not only with nature of this music, but also with production which they, I'm sure, carefully and intentionally choose. Separate riffs and even whole sequences are good in my opinion and while it may be a matter of sheer luck, parts at which they work are great. Usually whole piece is a bit too disorganized but instead of achieving eventual genuine chaos they end up with merely incompleteness. So the case is, I won't be listening to this because mentioned parts tend to appear out of nowhere (of course in relation to older styles, as we learned what tech/math/core proved to be capable of) and end prematurely, so the whole experience, instead of being about following narrative became waiting for such parts in similar manner as one waits for hooks in pop music. It's really a matter of ratio. It's not constant as on one of those boring realeases out there. What constitutes an average here are its undeniable heights and lows. Belphegor on The Last Supper is better than many, but in the end will fall into obscurity because of incoherence. However, I think that there is a room for such realases. They can be beneficial from musician's point of view as a kind of repository of ideas - to took the good ones (and some of them can't be found elsewhere) and compose something more meaningful out of them. Those later albums of Belphegor are entirely vapid to me.

By the way, is there any really brilliant band/album in that style? Sometimes Niden Div is mentioned in that context, but I think that it is entirely different entity - at least partially because of haunting and ever present ambience of grey trench-like monotony and sensation of inescapabilty they managed to create there. Maybe there is a general misconception in approach to such music (blackened death). They aren't quite there with techiques they utilize, as one expects something "deeper", while in fact they should be listened in a same way as works which are overtly primitive?