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Merry Thanksgiving

Merry Thanksgiving
November 28, 2013, 05:03:54 AM
I'm thankful for all of the people throughout history who rose above the mediocrity that is the norm and attempted to do the right thing.

I'm thankful for "the good, the beautiful, and the true" and "the perennial things."

I'm thankful for natural selection/Darwinism/private property, which are one and the same.

I'm thankful for death metal and for all of you.

We're doing a modest feast; we purchased everything yesterday, and no one in this house will shop today because we believe that -- absent truly necessary staff -- everyone should be home with their families right now.

Re: Merry Thanksgiving
November 28, 2013, 08:15:22 AM
No shopping for my family today either.

Despite how much America has fucked up pretty much every holiday, Thanksgiving is my favorite. Almost my whole immediate family gathers, and since my aunts are all ridiculously good cooks, we feast until we can't move. Then we have leftovers for the next week or so. Few things are better in my mind than sharing good food, good drink, and good times with family.

All the best to all of you fellas and asspies this holiday.