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How metalheads end up in nu-metal (no, not AIDS)

How metalheads end up in nu-metal (no, not AIDS)
November 27, 2013, 03:10:24 AM
Labonte told us. “I started playing guitar and the first time I ever played a show I was 16 years old. I played a couple shows and I guess I got the bug, I played guitar for a long time then I stopped for about a year.”

He continued, “To be honest with you I was in a death metal band and Korn came out and the band I was in was like, ‘We want to do stuff like that’ and I wanted to play metal so I quit. Then I started singing for Shadows Fall and then All That Remains became a thing and we started getting some momentum.”


Sorry to say this, but this is my personal view, and I think some here in South America too, I hope!

Lamb of God - All That Remains - Mastodon - Shadow Fall - Pseudo Metal = Crap
Trivium - Rhapsody of fire - DragonForce - Children of Bodom - Edguy - Sonata Arctica - Music for Kids
The Gathering - Epica - Within Temptation - Lacuna Coil - music for Wimpys
Machine Head - P A N T E R A - Fear Factory is music for Fake (Hate me but is real).

The real metalheads, never NEVER leave metal, a true metalhead can hear everything, but can not like any music.

I prefer listening to a boring metal band, to hear CRAP. Slipknot SUCK!!


PS.for those who are touched by P a n t e r a, just look at his past, present and future, as Bully others, they did seem to Satyricon a band of fools, and Nocturno Oculto followed his game, I lost respect for all of them after that.

hell I dont know what you are apologizing about, we all hate those bands. Though Fear Factory did make the funniest rap-metal song I have ever heard: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl0biWbuzxc