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Black metal technique: Immortal and Emperor

Black metal technique: Immortal and Emperor
November 27, 2013, 06:23:51 PM
I happened to come across some very interesting videos on youtube, some of which you may have seen before but which I felt I should share nonetheless. The first, in two parts is a tutorial by Ben Ash, currently a guitarist for Carcass (since this year). The videos are a breakdown of the guitar technique employed by both Demonaz and Abbath throughout the career of Immortal. Unlike a lot of similar videos you see on metal subjects, Ben Ash has both an understanding of orthodox music theory as well as an appreciation for phrase in metal and as a result his breakdown is very complete. You will also be able to see what brought on Demonaz`s RSI (if it wasnt obvious already). Excellent videos.

The second video is Abbath doing one of those guitar website tutorial things which is unique in that Abbath is not exactly a virtuoso at his instrument (though I am a fan of his right hand /no homo). Plus he is a really funny and genuine guy. There is only one song played from the older material, in this case Battles in the North, but the rest of the stuff is quite enjoyable too, especially in light of the second Ben Ash video. Unfortunately, nothing from Blizzard Beasts in played in either.

Last one is Emperor demonstrating some tracks. Linked because they play I Am the Black Wizards and Inno A Satana and there is an immediately appreciable contrast between that and later stuff even if you mute the sound. All of these, but especially the Ben Ash videos, are recommended viewing for people wanting to get into playing black metal but are great even if you are not interested in anything like that.