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Top 10 Worst Crimes Committed by Black Metal Musicians

Quality is not subjective and judging a genre by bands outside of it is...not very smart.

What each individual considers quality music is most definitely a highly subjective thing. As to what bands are inside or outside of black metal that is highly debatable considering how loosely defined the genre is. But consider how the early pioneers of the genre such as Darkthrone, Burzum Ulver, Emperor, etc have all moved away from it and how others who have remained such as Mayhem are but shadows of their former selves.

There really hasn't been much to look for over the last ten or so years when it comes to black metal as far as the material put out by new bands. Basically nearly every popular black metal band these days is either jumping into the atmospheric / post-black metal craze, doing power metal with black metal vocals (or so called symphonic black metal) or doing the nonsensical suicidal black metal shenanigan.

What each individual considers quality music is most definitely a highly subjective thing.

This is a subjective perception of quality.  It does not make quality into a subjective occurrence. :)

As to black metal being a failure, it was successfully finished in 1994. HLTO had ascended the genre to its highest possible state.

The last 20 years of "black metal" have been 98% music that's BM in name only, with the other 2% quality material that's decent but not comparable to the early 90s. The exception of course is Ildjarn; which is among the best metal ever made, though I'm not sure I would label it black metal.

Also, Ulver and Emperor pioneered nothing.

Loosely defined.

highly debateable.

Subjective perception.

Nothing is real!

Yo Valz, instead of just throwing out what you may have learned on various internet resources... just listen to the good stuff.



10. Alcest
9. Wolves in the Throne Room
8. Dimmu Borgir
7. Ihsahn's solo albums
6. Whatever the fuck post-black metal was
5. Later Enslaved
4. Later Immortal
3. Trendy Blasphemy rip-offs
2. Later Darkthrone
1. Alcest

Motherfucker, you beat me to the punch! Maybe replace one of the Alcest entries (your choice) with Horde - Hellig Usvart