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Black Death to perform in Cleveland

Black Death to perform in Cleveland
December 06, 2013, 04:41:53 AM
 On Saturday, Cleveland power metal legends Shok Paris, whose 1984 album Go for the Throat is highly regarded as a classic in the region and the genre, will perform songs from its upcoming album, Full Metal Jacket. Also on Saturday will be the female-fronted quartet Global Warning, Ground Zero and Black Death Resurrected, a current iteration of the 1980s Cleveland power metal band Black Death whose 1984 self-titled debut earned it the title of “the first all-black metal band.”

I remember seeing Black Death’s album back in 1985 and thinking “Hey, cool. An all-black metal band!” It was definitely the first and possibly the only heavy metal album cover I’ve seen featuring dudes with Jheri curls. Original bassist Greg Hicks, who I’ll assume is no longer rockin’ the curl, is still with the band. The band’s debut album is set for a 30th anniversary release from Auburn records next year.