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Heavy metal is still alive and well (Girlschool)

Heavy metal is still alive and well (Girlschool)
December 07, 2013, 05:50:14 AM
No strangers to the gigging and festival circuit, London's own Girlschool are back on home soil. Formed in 1975 under the name Painted Lady, the all girl metal band changed their name to Girlschool in 1978. To this day, an impressive three out of four of the original remembers remain in the line up. Opening their set with 'Demolition Boys' , also the opener of their 1980 debut 'Demolition', Girlschool challenge the modern perception that women in metal either subscribe to fragile, corset-bound female fronted symphonic/power/gothic metal bands or desperately attempt to challenge men by adopting the role of extreme metal growler, both stereotypes usually using beauty as a marketing tool. Their take on heavy metal shares a certain level of ferocity with a focus on double bass drumming, a nod to Motorhead's recognisable gallop, and workman-like vibe devoid of any pretension but full of melodic hard rock guitar hooks.

The majority of their setlist is picked from their first two full-length efforts, the aforementioned debut and the more popular 'Hit and Run' with the quartet comfortably working through a wide breadth of classics including 'C'mon Let's Go', 'Kick It Down', 'The Hunter' and 'Take it All Away'. Their cover of The Gun's 'Race with the Devil' that appeared on 'Demolition' is given an airing, much to the audience's delight, and the South London natives jump forward in time with 'Never Say Never' from 2004's 'Believe' full-length.