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Max Copeland, Hessian

Max Copeland, Hessian
December 07, 2013, 01:53:55 PM
Heavy metal — loves it.


Copeland doesn’t know what led him to become a physics major in the first place. Probably just the fact that it was hard.

That, and the sense of perspective offered by studying the cosmos.

“You’re on this blue speck floating through space that shouldn’t be in the position it is from the sun. But it is. You shouldn’t be alive. But we are. It’s just humbling,” Copeland said. “When you start doing physics stuff, you stop thinking about dumb stuff as much. You feel like your problems are much less of a deal than they are in the grand scheme of things.


Dr. Dorina Kosztin, the director of undergraduate studies for Missouri’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, said Copeland is the first football-playing physics major she has seen in her 12 years at the school.