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"There is a genuine spirituality about Darwin’s thinking."

Taoism gave me a handle on how to look at life and how to lead it when I was an adolescent hunting for ways to make sense of the world without going off into the God business. Returning to Lao-tzu throughout the years, I’ve always found—and find—him offering what I want or need to learn. My translation, version, whatever it is, of the Tao Te Ching is a by-product of that long and happy association.

My knowledge of Buddhism is much scantier and more recent, but it’s become indispensable in showing me how to use meditation usefully and in giving a steady north to my moral compass.


Le Guin observes how taoism has become part of the structure of her mind, after the passage of a certain amount of time, and this is interesting. My wife displays the same evolution of outlook, and in her case, simply from being close to me.
It is a perspective that simply makes more sense than anything else. Emphasis on simply.
Remove all the neuroses and what does a human have left?
I call it crow. But really, calm simplicity is what it's about.

In what sense do you think there is spirituality in Darwin's thinking, and how does this relate to Tao (out of genuine interest)?