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Imposition - Memento Mori (DM.org user composition)

The music felt like a 3 am stroll through a heavily urbanized slum surrounded by contorting drug fiends. You can take that how you wish.

Okay, gave it a couple of good listens:

First of all, this is really good stuff compared to professional shit you hear nowadays. It is the best output from someone so closely involved with the DLA I have heard as of yet with the exception of Cargest`s Visions demo (which was a bit clumsy). Scratch that, it is really good full stop.

Problems: Melodies man! In the pursuit of minimalism, musicality has perhaps been sidelined just a little bit. Extremely simple tremolo picked melodies may be what black metal has become, but why do you have to do that? Broaden your spirit, let loose! In my opinion you should be taking cues from Tha-Norr and Throne of Ahaz. Anyone can do ambient darkness, few can create true beauty out of it. Related; there is little drama to your music. I mean its there, but since your approach seems so goddamn studied, I cant feel it. The synth motif that plays in Somatic Christ undergoes a little variation later on, but that doesnt feel like anything has happened. At. All. It could have been extended a bit, but this is not a criticism.

More, these songs all feel very incomplete. Like a third or half of a song (disclaimer, I have deliberately not listened to the final track because well... fuck this shit. Lets stop talking about ambient and classical and whatnot and at least get the fucking metal right. I like the solos, they may not be entirely fitting or whatever, but they have some intensity that the rest of the music lacks.

Overall, the one thing I wished was there was a baring of your soul. I want to feel your expression in my bones. I dont want to listen to a more accomplished Von. Anyway its your project, and from how you advertised it, your intent seems to have been realized. I get the feeling your approach to your own music is clinical, analytical, systemizing and cold. Forget structure for now, that has never been what has made the best metal truly beautiful. Sure, that extends it, but at its core its just plain simple heartfelt musical expression. Even expressing coldness requires feeling, heart, soul, whatever you want to call it. You are so close, so very close. I think if you stick to this in 2 years or so we will have a real contender on our hands.

Well done my friend, I want to shake your hand. Vocals were pretty good too. Maybe its your liberalistic/secular tendencies that make your music a bit sterile ;). Come to the dark side, nihilistic pereniallism awaits.

Well done my friend, I want to shake your hand. Vocals were pretty good too. Maybe its your liberalistic/secular tendencies that make your music a bit sterile ;). Come to the dark side, nihilistic pereniallism awaits.


Yeah, because great art is typically associated with conservatism. Check your tastes.

lol its a J O K E! Come on! Beethoven was a goddamn liberal after all.

lol its a J O K E! Come on! Beethoven was a goddamn liberal after all.

He was a liberal who had mastered the conservative side. He was explorative FROM conservatism and outwards, not letting himself fall into cliches.
Mozart on the other hand produced very cliched music, but GREAT cliched music. He produced originality and great expression from within the cliche structures and directions.

Thank you for your ideas and attention, trystero. Food for thought.

This is certainly not a 'bump' effort.

Any suggestions for how to get your music heard a bit more around the interwebs? I'm struggling to get this out there - my friends who are into music aren't into black metal, and I have recently moved cities.

Metal archives rejected it as 'too short'.

Anyone with experience in online promotion?


Ask the guys from Chth'ilist what they did. I saw their demo posted here by a member and I swear within a matter of months they were being mentioned and reviewed all over the place.

Other than that. You might want to see about starting a correspondence with more prominent members of metal. I don't mean go out and write John Gelso, well maybe you can. With the hordes of upstarts out there, you're going to have to make some friends to actually make it. Worked for a buddy of mine to some degree, if only he'd get his shit together and write more songs. A session was offered to him by a very prominent musician.

Imposition:  try the Nuclear War Now board.  http://nwnprod.com/forum/

Any suggestions for how to get your music heard a bit more around the interwebs?

Burn some churches.

Not that my advice is worth anything, but just in case it is, I’ll give it to you anyway (and really it’s the same advice I would give anyone).

Putting tracks up on youtube, getting listed with discogs or metal-archives, having digital releases for download and so on and so forth are easy enough for anyone to accomplish. And, surprise surprise, that’s exactly what everyone has been tending towards over the last decade or so. The result is that there is an abundance of great stuff out there these days, and yet none of us question just how all this ‘great’ stuff is so utterly forgettable? But then again, I guess ‘good’ is the new ‘great’ and ‘ok’ is the new ‘good’. And failing that “it’s all subjective anyway!

Really, you should aim a million times higher than the level of getting this stuff out there and having to pander to some stupid lower-echelon niche scene. That probably applies more so to black metal than any other genre. It is for this same reason that I wouldn’t even comment on whether I thought it was good or not; the only thing that matters (especially with early efforts) is does it have potential.

And if it does have potential, only you can prove that by taking it to the absolute limit, if that is your ultimate ambition of course. Consider, perhaps, letting it age a bit, work out what worked and what didn’t, expand on the parts that did, re-write the whole lot if needs be then concentrate on recording and getting the sound right (personally I think ‘subtle’ is an excuse to make something stale appear less stale by comparison to a different kind of stale. The only option therefore is for it to hit people with the weight of a sledgehammer).
All of this ultimately leads to the goal of proper distribution of releases on a major label (vinyl and CD formats). But, of course, to get a look-in on a major label you’ve probably got 5 seconds tops to hit them with the only thing in music that doesn’t lie and cannot be fluked; the sledgehammer of pure spirit.

If they don’t buy it, and you’ve been honest with yourself (i.e. know 100% that the results of your effort are on par if not better than your personal five all-time favourites), then self-releasing it might be an option. It certainly would be more expensive, but very much worth it in the long run.

2 cents

Would like to give some thoughts:

First - stuff sounds like VON in space, which is really neat. Keyboards are used to great effect.

Second - agree with the poster who said songs are too short. With the exception of the title track and Noumenon, I feel like the songs are building, building, BUILDING, then...oh shit it's over. Particularly on Sepukku - when that glorious and triumphant buildup with the keys leads to that sword unsheathing. Then the main riff (and an inverted version) are introduced and by the gods I'm fired the FUCK up by this point......then it ends. Are the three first tracks considered complete works by you? If so why did you choose to end them so swiftly? I feel like you could flesh these out into 4-5 minute mini epics.

Third - normally I agree with Wild in regards to noodly acrobatic soloing in black metal, but here it WORKS. Especially in the title track, they just add another sweet layer on the top of an already delicious musical cake - complimenting the well placed keys. Don't know if its intentional but they really add a kind of 'cosmic' aura to the song.

Fourth - aesthetics (production, guitar/drum tone, vocal tone) are all on point. The vocals sound a little Marduk, but it's not so much that it annoys or even registers when I'm listening. Atmosphere is cold, callous, and perfectly appropriate.

OVERALL - I'm impressed. Really. I'm going to rec this to friends who are into metal. As trystero said, you're close man. Really, really close. This is some upper tier material for sure. Keep at it, and I think you'll be able to develop this sound into something truly magnificent. As of now, you're on the right track, and if staying on the right track produces stuff this good I can't wait to hear what you produce when you grow more as a songwriter. Cheers.

Thanks Vigilance, Jim, & aquarius, will look into suggestions.

Humanicide, hopefully you haven't been banned, but thanks for comments and encouragement. As for completeness, I definitely see track 1 and 4 as complete. 2 more so than 3. But in no cases did I simply go 'that'll do'. I wanted to have a coherent narrative in each. I may have failed in a couple of cases, which is just grist for the mill.

Why would he be banned?

Imposition I wanted to talk about track 2. The main riff has a little variation in it that pops up first at 0:05s. Throughout the song I was sort of expecting this to turn into something. I think you could have built up a section of the song after the solo around this, turn it into a new (longer) riff from that note, a concluding one, the centerpiece or climax of the song. I like this track a lot but it ends too quick with much left unsaid. I know this has been mentioned before, but I wanted to reiterate that its not just that the songs feel incomplete / cut off, they dont have a transition or resolution that really hooks you. IMO you should try and construct some and add them to these songs, something with desperate feeling (ref: Skald av Satans Sol, nawmean? SKAAAALD, AAAAV). I apologize if this is too presumptuous.

Also, I had a question, how long have you been playing guitar? Like `cide said, your sound is great, perfect even.

Edit: To reiterate how much I like this song, 2:47 when the mostly musical part of your solo concludes gave me a literal shiver. Nice.

This is great stuff man. Thanks for sharing!