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Imposition - Memento Mori (DM.org user composition)

This is great stuff man. Thanks for sharing!

Imposition I wanted to talk about track 2. The main riff has a little variation in it that pops up first at 0:05s. Throughout the song I was sort of expecting this to turn into something. I think you could have built up a section of the song after the solo around this, turn it into a new (longer) riff from that note, a concluding one, the centerpiece or climax of the song. I like this track a lot but it ends too quick with much left unsaid. I know this has been mentioned before, but I wanted to reiterate that its not just that the songs feel incomplete / cut off, they dont have a transition or resolution that really hooks you. IMO you should try and construct some and add them to these songs, something with desperate feeling (ref: Skald av Satans Sol, nawmean? SKAAAALD, AAAAV). I apologize if this is too presumptuous.

Also, I had a question, how long have you been playing guitar? Like `cide said, your sound is great, perfect even.

Edit: To reiterate how much I like this song, 2:47 when the mostly musical part of your solo concludes gave me a literal shiver. Nice.

Thanks for comments.

My guitar skills are not wizard like at all. It's not my traditional instrument. But It's not hard to tremmelo strum if you have a bit of rhythm. I have played other music for a while. It's not the ingredients that are complex in Transylvanian hunger, Joined in Darkness, or Drawing Down The Moon etc, it's how the units are put together. There is more structure than you think (if you are outsider, not into metal and thinking black/death metal is just random intervals being played on lower frets) whereas for someone like me who has listened to this music for years but has not played it - as opposed to other types of music - letting go and delving into a bit more of a jigsaw, cryptic explorational use of intervals (less structure) is hard, as I feel I'm getting too random (which i'm probably not).

I've just started to record ideas for another effort, which will have more riffs, more bass-heavy production, and a darker, cryptic atmosphere.