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Sinister Path Productions Unsigned/Independent Metal Band Compilation 2013

Sinister Path Promotions has just assembled and released a compilation of Unsigned / Independent metal bands. It features 42 bands from all over the world and is a completely free download. We just ask that people support and follow the bands they enjoy to help expose underground metal bands working their asses off.

Some interesting points about the compilation:

* Slasher (Thrash, Brasil) have a single from their upcoming album KATHARSIS on it: 'Overcome'

* Internal Bleeding (Slam pioneers from the US) have provided the track 'Castigo Corpus Muem' which is the first new recorded track with the original line up in close to 15 years

* 8 Foot Sativa (NZ Metal legends) have their new single on, lyric video just released on youtube 'The Shadow Masters'

* Mistur - legends from Norway folk/viking/black - have provided their single 'The Sight' which is from a new album they're working on

* Project Silence - Industrial Metal band from Finland have just launched (Dec 13th) a 2 track release and their single 'Death and Madness' is on the compilation

* Canadian Tech Death band 'Deformatory' have premiered a never heard before track via this compilation: 'Dehumanized'

* Trollgasm (folk/viking/black - Australia) provided 'Humppa Humppa' from their 2013 release (this track has gained a bit of a cult following)

* Enrot, metal band from California provided us with a brand new release from their up and coming album

* The Greatness Design provided a track from their 2013 release

* A Wake in Providence (one of the biggest deathcore acts in NY) provided us with their single which has just been released as a lyric vid on YouTube

The talent on this is incredible and here is the entire list of bands:

Slasher- Thrash - Brazil
8 Foot Sativa - Metal - New Zealand
Synesis Absorption - Death - US/EU
Entrails Eradicated - Brutal Death - Australia
Internal Bleeding-Official - Death (Slam) - US
Cemetery Rapist - Pornogrind - US
Infalling - Metal - US
Derelict - Tech Death - Canada
The Greatness Design - Technical Melodic Death - Mexico
The Archivist - Progressive Death - Australia
Deformatory - Tech Death - Canada
A Wake In Providence - Metal/Deathcore - US
NAETU - Modern Black Metal - Australia
Oceans of Slumber - Progressive/Death - US
Dissentient - Progressive Death - US
Mistur - Viking/Black - Norway
Bloodlust - Black/Thrash - Australia
Battlehorn - Viking Death - Spain
Animist - Progressive / Death - US
Project Silence -Industrial Metal - Finland
Nagaarum - Black/Funeral/Ambient - Hungary
Reign Of Perdition - Progressive Death/Black - UK
Sarnath - Black Metal - US
Accretion Disk - Progressive - UK
Deforeskination - Death - Germany
Enrot - Groove/Thrash - US
Bedowyn - Melodic Death - US
Ępoch - Progressive / Extreme - Canada
Purging The Venom - Melodic Death / Thrash - UK
Barilium - Metal - Sweden
Trollgasm - Folk/Black - Australia
The Ragnarok Prophecy - Melodic Death - US
APONTOKATION - Death Metal - Spain
Imperial Crypt - Viking Blackened Death - US
Mind Suppressor - Thrash / Death - Mexico
Death Pit - Thrash/Crossover - US
Arcanorum Astrum Official - Modern Black Metal - Russia
Old Corpse Road - Black - UK
Facing Extinction - Grind / Crust / Doom - Uk
Neverafter - Melodic - US
Hypno5e - Ambient / Experimental - France
The Raven Autarchy - Technical Deathcore - Spain