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Dawning / --- split on Preposterous Creations Records

Blackened doom band DAWNING and the mysterious band "---" are releasing a split album on December 29, 2013 on French label Preposterous Creations.

DAWNING started in 1996 and has been playing blackened doom metal long before that term even existed. Bud Burke (EXHUMED) founded the band with Steve Cefala, both having recently quit PALE EXISTENCE which featured Lorin Ashton, who is now famous as DJ Bassnectar.

Cefala has been performing in clubs in the underground with various bands on various instruments since he was 16 years old. He opened for Fear Factory and Incantation as a junior in high school and set up many shows for EXHUMED in the basement of the Cupertino library which helped them get going after a lull they had. After that, Cefala was a porn model in la for 5 years and did 100 shoots, including many as a priest nun-banger named "Father Alito" for http://www.xxxhorror.com/