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Carcass thought Surgical Steel is just too slick

Carcass thought Surgical Steel is just too slick
January 12, 2014, 02:02:07 AM
Liverpool, England-based extreme metal group Carcass recorded several tracks – ‘Unfit For Human Consumption’, ‘Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System’, ‘Captive Bolt Pistol’ and ‘Carneous Cacoffiny’ – at BBC Maida Vale Studios in London, England for an exclusive BBC Radio 1 ‘Rock Show’ session which is due to air as part of Daniel P. Carter’s program.

Carcass issued the following statement: “This should satisfy anyone who thought the (Surgical Steel) album was too ‘slick!!!’ TOTALLY live in the studio.”


It's bad+100 actually.

Well, it is not only about the production.
It is the freaking mediocre Necrotism songwriting with Iron Maiden-ish flavored leads and pop structure.
Not that all those things are bad on their own, but I think they end up not doing any of them very well.

What they are offering in this album... I think I just rather listen to Satan's release from 2013.

The real problem with Surgical Steel is that it's 100% safe, 0% adventurous. Carcass basically copied the formula of their most successful previous album, Heartwork, as closely as they could because they didn't want to risk disappointing their fans after a long absence.

I even have a soft spot for Heartwork because it was one of the first metal albums I heard as a young teen, but the world only needs one of any album, much less a "guilty pleasure" one.

Carcass basically copied the formula of their most successful previous album, Heartwork, as closely as they could...

Plus the most annoying, extraneous bits of Necroticism. I personally consider that to be the worst Carcass album after Surgical Steel. Some may say the next two were worse but honestly I think they had a tad bit more integrity to them; the band was doing what they wanted to do plainly rather than misusing the language and appearance of their first two albums. Even the full title of Necroticism is annoying and superfluous, showy bullshit for the sake of showy bullshit. The muted response to Surgical Steel (after the initial gushing of fanboys and clueless music critics/writers) may be a good thing for the band. They dont seem like they are going to let this meal-ticket go, so they might as well do what you mentioned in your post and try for a straight up speed metal album. Maybe it wont be as soulless as Surgical Steel.

Yeah, I forgot all about Necroticism, which is to be expected considering how boring it was.

Surgical Steel got a bad response? I would have thought the fantasy football league motherfuckers that you see crowding metal shows these days would eat that crap up.