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The heretical Burroughs

The heretical Burroughs
January 15, 2014, 03:47:55 PM
William S. Burroughs, quoted in Literary Outlaw by Ted Morgan

"A regular job drains one's very lifeblood," he wrote Allen Ginsberg. "It's supposed to. They want everything you've got."

(p 160)

"The more obligation Huncke is under to anyone, the more anyone has done to help him, the more certain he is to steal or otherwise take advantage of his benefactor. It works out like an algebraic equation. Raise (x) benefits, you raise (y) resentment = everything of value seized and disposed of."


"All liberals are weaklings, and all weaklings are vindictive, mean and petty."

(p 164)

Re: The heretical Burroughs
January 16, 2014, 08:21:35 AM
10 jobs poised for explosive growth (Hint: they don't pay much)

The job market is gradually improving, but it's still tough out there for the 11 million Americans who remain unemployed. Wouldn't it be great to just look into a crystal ball and see the jobs that will have the greatest demand for workers in the next decade?

Thankfully, the Labor Department did just that (only they used massive surveys and advanced statistics, not actual crystal balls).

Unfortunately, the news is rather depressing. Many of the jobs pay poverty-level wages. (The poverty line was $23,492 in 2012, for a family of four. Five of the 10 jobs on the list pay below that level.)


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