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Grindcore-loving goat dies

Grindcore-loving goat dies
January 21, 2014, 12:27:18 PM
“I remember that during Panzer Cardinal (a band from Toulouse) she spent the entire set at the bassist’s feet (who, by the way, was hallucinating a bit),” she said. “Seeing as the barn floor where we throw the concerts is wooden, I think that she felt the vibrations in her hooves. The majority of the time she even laid down next to the speakers.”

Adding that she was “the most connected to grind,” Flo says that Biquette also enjoyed eating cigarette butts and drinking the ends of leftover beers. In short: she was pretty fucking cool.

Her death remains a bit of a mystery, though Flo attributes it to a jarring change of pace at the Mauriac after a new team took over, but generally speaking goats don’t live much older than ten, and between the booze, cigarettes and grindcore, Biquette lived harder than most.


Re: Grindcore-loving goat dies
January 21, 2014, 01:07:00 PM
Goats are so fuckin metal!!! My cat does something similar when I blast tunes she sits on the speakers and sometimes the record player >:(  nevertheless it's pretty fuckin cool