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Shitty analysis of Brazil fails to take into account the satanic conspiracy


This is a shitty analysis of brazilian society and morals. In many respects, it is right. But what part of the world would this shitty list not apply to? At the bottom line of it, is a healthy respect for Law and orderly society. What is not acknowledged, however, but is latent withtin the text is its racism. I have lived peacefully with brown people all my life. Not with all of them, but most of them. It's just that Brazil is kind of an experiment of nature. You don't get to judge people by their skin color: The Mixts of people there are way beyond the average. The jewish run world aesthetical system (a system built on enphasis on medical treatments such as enlarged breasts (both for men an women), asses, etc. and fake celebrities, has even named brazil a place with the most beautiful people in the world.

Why? Because of the diversity of the mixsts, which mixtures are not found equal in anywhere in the world. And why does this fucker write an analysis like this?

Because he utterly fails to understand the uncreated family element that runs through the blood of every family member here in Brasil. What does this guy knows about politics? Does he know his country is a cesspool too? Americans are known as some of the stupidier people on earth.

And yet this is not true, right? There are some bright people there. A genius like nikola tesla enjoyed the usa. But, there are shitloads of stupid people, right? And your country,a country which Tries to be WHITE, but has anti white, negro breeding, raping propaganda (like gangsta rap) running freely, which obviously createsblack on white crime;.

What matters in a SOIL ( Blood & Soil ), is the uncreated element. It's that potential energy quantum in the blood, that is corrupted, degenerated, so it can be than GERMINATED, because the germs need to be corrupted before they can be BORN.

Therefore the majestic Yantra upon which our whole everyday reality is fulfilled, the "math geek's comprehension", that uncreated black light that is bestowed on us by Lucifer's Children is available anywhere, like a celestial-earthly body anatomy of Gaia.

Therefore, a country involves more than anything else Location aspects. Nature's location are able to produce epic renderings beyond genre and race. The place, the rivers, the mountains, horses and all other elements are crucial in the development of the people.

Therefore let eugeny be promoted not in the form of racism, but of a healthy breeding based on beauty, intelligence, strenght and health.

For those who are wondering why the "satanic conspiracy" in the title:

if you teach a child how to walk, two childs, and one is apparently fat and inept and the other not...

if you're and IDIOT you can be prejudiced against the fat child (why do you think satanic ideologies like Communism thrive? because they tackle REAL ISSUES invisible or not considered by the Evil Status Quo, but in a deranged way. What they tackle it reasonable to do so, but their solutions are interest-groups solutions that will only benefit the elite). Communism is the greatest silly, crazy and cruel game. It is not only more cruel than Existence itself: Existence is ruthless. You are either with or without it, and I say that with sorrow, for I am WITHOUT it, WITHOUT society: ATWA (At War With Pollution: This is an idea Expressed by Charles Manson, but if he really was cruel, I don't condone him).

But even if you are AGAINST existence, you gotta play by its rules... to beat it. Because, how can you beat it outside of its rules? Outside of its rules, it doesn't exist!!!

So Brasil is an eugeny nest: Lots of good, strong spirits, being blurred out by the anti-eugenic (eugenic based on Truth, not shitty race. The amount of white trash and stupid white shit behaving like zombies should prove that). Even an african rebellious warrior is better than the white shit, for while commiting gross and reprehensible cruelty, he does it on the name of a [false], common-good ideal, ie. his superiors are gonna rule, and they are somehow better.

The USA is an invader of countries, plus they want to control everything by shitty diplomacy. Fuck them. They are barbarous tortures, in the end. The USA is not the new Roman Empire: They are the barbarians tha invaded the empire.

If you take issue with someone's action, you probably consider what they're doing wrong. Injustice is at the root of senseless cruelty, so it's probably unjust also.

What is mathematics applied to the evolutionary process (what philosopher Thomas Campbell calls "the fundamental process")? It is considering the POSITIVE PERCENTAGE on the NEGATIVE EVENT.

If by witnessing 5 gross, cruel events, you are able to perceive, even in the midst of those cruel, damned hearts, 5% of good will, you can, IF YOU'RE STRONG AND WISE, extract the 25 PERCENT of good will from all those bad subjects.

IF YOU DO IT PERSONALLY AND SILENTLY, nobody needs to no. It is just reality calculus.

If you promote openly, you're encouraging thr mindlesness and stupidity.

What I mean is, extract what you comprehended from evil situations, the knowledge, the understanding. But never do so in public, or you will be supporting the evil action. People like Ildjarn are hateful and evil.

He said he wanted to magically take control of a plane, for god's sake, and have fun witht he horror of killing everybody in it. And not in self defense to attack an enemy target, like the muslims, but for sheer cruelty.

So when we support artists like these, we do it for what they bring ARTISTICALLY and our Id, which is mathematical, comprehends the big picture of cruelty. To understand it is one thing, to condone it, another.

Why are nationalists attacking ideals like multi culturalism? Do you have any idea the pain and innocent victims that separating the races will cause? That's why David Myatt changed. He got Good. Christ is real, but he is not a man. If you analyze many nationalist ideas, they attack concepts like: Freedom, love towards people independent of profit, charity, helping poor people, condone bullying which creates psychological scars and produces school shootings. Many conservatives also seem to think rape is only bad in certain situations, that the woman should keep the child product of rape, that women are here only to serve men (they are here for this, but not ONLY this), that women who wear tight and small clothing deserved to be rape, that a woman who drank too much should be raped, that woman should not care about being treated as only a juicy cunt in the workplace, streets, media and other places. Guess what, if you gotta watch your woman so she doesn't do anything wrong, it's probably because you were not enough of a man to fascinate her, or she doesn't really like you. The woman should worship the man and serve him with pleasure. Women are behaving badly now because men aren't being strong, except in exceptions where the woman just likes the man regardless. Plus it doesn't make sense to at the same time think women, like secretaries for example, should put out, and at the same time be moral with YOUR woman. Only the open slut should be treated like so, but many ofthem are just misguided in this world. If you want women to be chaste, you better inspire yourself in the muslims and old christian morals, and behave accordingly. Don't masturbate to porn and then expect women to be prude.

But am I against racial preservation? I too think multiculturalism, IN PLACES WITH A ETHNIC TRADITION, is harmful, and I don't mind, for example, the japanese not being nice to foreigners. Although I'm sure if I was there, in japan, they would like me. They like people like me. The girls would love me. I'll be a tourist there some day and it's gonna be AWESOME. A whole culture degraded during the post war years, but is it worst than their cruel years? Than the Naking Massacre?

I saw that list, there some relatively interesting points. Yeah, every brazilian seek the maximal of what they can have (or even what they legally can't). Brazilians are nearly thieves.

I hate ‘multiculturalism’ because like all of the many off-shoots of liberalism, it is the ultimate form of passive aggression. In this case, forcing adaptation (usually for private economic interests) and blaming the resulting shit-fight on the inherent immorality of homogeneous groups. It completely ignores the fact that healthy and natural forms of cross-cultural exchange have and will always occur in human civilization, that is, until issues are forced and the things people hold dear are threatened. This might be the only real reason nations tense up and become hyper-nationalistic to begin with.

I would think that it is better to treat harlots and sluts in a strong, firm, and moral fashion because epiphanies are not closed to anyone.  If in the grip of addiction or underlying problems, they will not likely change, but other people seeing such a sight may at the very least praise your decorum.

Being that I live in an outpost of Brazil in the United States, I am aware of their problems, but they are not all degenerate thieves regardless of whether they are mixed or not.  The issues that saturate Brazilian society go beyond government corruption and popular complacence, as indjaseemun has very well mentioned.