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Tape trading

Tape trading
February 12, 2014, 06:43:59 PM
 As one can easily see, there was no chance of getting really acquainted with
rock music by just buying the records available in the stores (besides
_Melodia_ production, only limited amount of East European LPs was available).
But the army of rock fans grew with every day.. A paradox?
 Now, this has to do with another branch of Soviet musicindustry, that
commonly was called "magnetophone-culture" ("magnetophone" is a taperecorder).
  Everything started on the people who could go abroad and bring "Western" LPs
from there. Then those LPs were carefully copied to the tapes, "first copies"
in slang. These first copies were distributed among people who made copies
from them and so on... A tape tree... The nodes of this tape tree were so
called "recording studios" - probably the most strange organizations ever
existed in the  "socialist" SU. Officially - these studios were allowed to
distribute (for a certain fee, of course) only the music that was accepted by
authorities. But thuogh you won't make any profit on this music, the catalogs
of the studios were full of "Western" rock music (as well as of some Soviet,
or Russian underground rock sometimes). Just a note -those studios were not
private - they were the property of the City Council, how ever is is called in
Russian... So, this is the perfect example of double standard in the Soviet
Union - officially prohibited things are distributed by the people who
prohibited them...


Re: Tape trading
February 13, 2014, 12:19:27 AM
This is how metal music worked in lots of countries. I would not have been introduced to metal (and hence, had no urge to search for metal related stuff immediately after gaining access to the internet) were it not for pirated tapes made out of the collections of individuals.

Re: Tape trading
February 14, 2014, 12:16:54 PM
It curious that bands like Metalli(cr)A(p) themselves known by tape trading, which in the present context would be the mp3 or youtube, obviously cheaper without snailmail and its corresponding cost. not give war to the tapes?

Many child today changed or given away mp3.