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Mainstream media starts to acknowledge the failure of Slaughter of the Soul

Recently I've noticed a couple of articles by more popular or mainstream websites stating that Slaughter of the Soul is nothing but an overrated sham. 
Here is one of them:

The websites themselves try to wash their hands by clearly stating that this is solely the opinion of that particular writer, and the writer himself appears to try to emphasize his humility in accepting his "subjective" take on the matter (in order to avoid confrontation).  Despite this, I still think it is an improvement. Time starts to take its toll on these early and mid 90s aberrations once praised by the masses as classics.

That type of music really slaughter the soul. It's good people begins to realise it.

not really the mainstream media, more of a blog.

That is the `mainstream` metal media, a bunch of blogs.

I tried to post this thing and start a conversation about 'is SotS overhyped' at a famous finnish metal forum but everyone ignored it and continued theyir daily business of masturbating, going to the grocery store and listening to the new Behemoth.

So I can't say it is acknowledged everywhere!