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Tools for the job.

Tools for the job.
February 19, 2014, 05:12:48 PM
What you know is what you know. Where you are is where you are.
You have the tools to get you to what you know, and to where you are.
Do you have every conceivable tool?

What if somebody starts talking about something you do not know? About somewhere you've never been?
It follows that such a person has the tools to get him to what he knows, and to where he is.
Maybe he has tools you do not have.


Maybe that person is just plain nuts.


Maybe not.

For every scrap of knowledge humans possess, one human had to be the first to know it.
No knowledge ever just came to all humans at once.
Communication allowed those who knew, to share it with those who did not yet know.

Everybody has different tools. Because no two people have led identical lives. Tools are only developed when a situation requires their development. If no tool-requiring situation arises, then no tools are developed.

If mathematics, logic, reason, science have not led one to a state described by someone else as a very highly desirable state, then it is likely that those particular tools are not the ones required for the job. 
Therefore, using those same tools, one is not likely to arrive at such a state, no matter how long or how hard one applies those tools. Because those tools are simply not the right tools for the job.

Not everything can be measured. This does not prevent those things from existing. It simply shows that some things are not of a measurable nature. Can you measure love? Nostalgia? Regret? Loss? Joy? Pleasure? God?
Exactly how tall is the invisible man?

Sometimes, a job just can not be done, with the existing tools one has at one's disposal.
It becomes necessary to develop new tools to do the job. New techniques. New outlooks and angles.
It's called growth.

Otherwise, it becomes like a stutterer complaining that nobody else stutters, and that is just so unfair, and that they should. And that stuttering is nothing whatsoever to do with them, or their behaviour.

The only kind of change that is worth anything, is the kind that enables a man to accomplish more. Not less.
To accomplish more, with less effort, perhaps, but not less with any amount of effort.

Tools for the job. You can never have too many tools.