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Ildjarn Split was written by Nidhogg

Ildjarn Split was written by Nidhogg
March 02, 2014, 01:47:02 PM
Regarding the iLDjARN/Hate Forest split "Those Once Mighty Fallen"

iLDjARN has confirmed to me that there's been a mix-up in regards to the source-material for the split on OSMOSE. The songs are my original compositions in their entirety, though uncredited. I think any listener will also recognize the tunes when comparing the two versions. There is, however, no quarrell between me and iLDjARN regarding this, it's a matter between him and OSMOSE.

The prelimenary synth-basses represent parts of what was later to be recorded as guitar and bass.

In the order they were recorded, with original titles, on my ca. '95 sketch-tape.

1. Balders skjebne: 0:00
Link to the split-version (1. song on the LP):
2. Syner: 7:52
Link to the split-version (2. song on the LP):
3. Fimbulsvintre: 13:13
Link to the split-version (3. song on the LP):
4. Garm gjøyr: 16:37
Link to the split-version (4. song on the LP):
5. Det siste slaget: 17:52
Link to split-version (5. song on the LP):
6. Fra øst en elv: 21:39
Link to split-version (6. song on the LP):


Re: Ildjarn Split was written by Nidhogg
March 02, 2014, 06:19:40 PM
The plot thickens!

Very interesting.

Re: Ildjarn Split was written by Nidhogg
March 09, 2014, 06:19:34 PM
This is just weird. Why would Ildjarn break a decade of hate-meditation to record tracks that aren't even his, but are based on earlier compositions of Nidhogg, only to have them released on a label that only cares about money. Why didn't he consult Nidhogg, why would he re-record these tracks rather than write new material of his own. Also, how did Nidhogg not recognize the tracks where his initially? He just said it doesn't sound like Ildjarn.

Re: Ildjarn Split was written by Nidhogg
March 11, 2014, 03:16:07 AM
I had initially not intended to engage in a discussion on this matter, but since you put in question the tape I've uploaded, I have no choice but to respond. As of now, I won't engage in any further discussion on this blog, I'll just address your issues.
I can't answer any of your concerns regarding iLDjARN, as I have stated on my upload, old tapes have been floating around, perhaps mislabelled.
Regarding why I didn't recognize these songs earlier. Yes, that's true, I didn't. I only listened to one and one song individually, and it didn't even cross my mind that these songs were old songs I'd written. This was 20 years ago, and as you hear on the sketch-tape, they were far from realized. I haven't listened to the tape since I recorded it. It was when I dug through old tapes from my basement I discovered and realized it. Hope that settles why I didn't realize sooner.
It's also correct that I posted on a few uploads with the concerns that this does not sound like iLDjARN. I think there's an agreement on that. In fact, it's been compared to Sort Vokter and iLDjARN - NiDHOGG, go figure.
Of course I didn't sit down and "manufacture" this tape in order to capitalize on iLDjARN's name And as I've stated iLDjARN has confirmed to me that these are my songs, would I risk iLDjARN's wrath by lying about that ; )
Hope that answers any suspicion that I'm lying about the matter, which is the only reason I'm even posting this. Compare the songs yourselves and make up your own mind.
I do understand why the question is being raised, though, so it's OK to have the oppurtunity to clear it up.
(2nd. edit)
I see on another forum that there's now speculation that we are all the same person, me, iLDjARN, TViGYGRE and HEiiNGHUND. (sigh and chuckles) Well, I think the nature of the music and the differences there show several people are involved. Also, anyone who looks at he faces and not the hairdos on the Sort Vokter pics, must see that these are four different faces. We were just untypically skinheads at the time, all of us. Hope you keep your senses on this forum  ;)

Re: Ildjarn Split was written by Nidhogg
March 11, 2014, 03:42:56 AM
Thank you for responding, NiDHOGG. Both you and Ildjarn are held in high regard around here.

It seemed likely that when recordings re-surface after 20 years, it's difficult to retain information about them. Perhaps Ildjarn didn't realize who had conceived the work or there was a a problem with Osmose's understanding of the situation.

Either way, it's good to hear that work and the demos you posted on youtube. It is appreciated by this community. 

Re: Ildjarn Split was written by Nidhogg
March 11, 2014, 03:43:15 AM
Thanks for posting, and clearing things up NiDHOGG.

Though you do not intend to, I still hope that you'll stick around these boards. It would surely be worthwhile for the rest of us to read what I creative mind like yours have to say about all things metal.

The Ildjarn-Nidhogg-compilation is one of my all-time favourite metal-albums: Absorbing, flowing, pure. An underrated classic of underground art. I know that many around these parts share my opinion.

Thanks to you and Ildjarn for that one :)

Re: Ildjarn Split was written by Nidhogg
March 11, 2014, 04:46:33 AM
Thanks both of you. I hope to post an old recording of mine in a totally different style on the YouTube channel some time soon, when I get hold of it (it's in a different place). On another note, I spoke very briefly to iLDjARN last week, and he told me of plans to re-release "Hardangervidda". In what format, I don't know, but he has been there again for another photoshoot where we shot the pictures for the first release, and the pictures looked really good. Don't know any more details, and not which label or when. We'll see when or if it happens.
Thanks again for the interest in our music.

Love the Black Sabbath entry question to the forum ;)

Re: Ildjarn Split was written by Nidhogg
March 12, 2014, 11:17:57 PM

I should firstly say a big thanks for taking the time to respond to this. Your uploads on the youtube channel have been very insightful and I doubt if there’s another site out there that has understood, appreciated and promoted the music of iLDjARN – NiDHOGG to the extent that this one has.

Regarding my earlier comment, I certainly didn’t mean to suggest that your original sketch tape wasn’t the ‘real deal’, actually it sounds very real to me and your explanation about finding it at a later date more than clears things up. Perhaps it’s a bit odd that iLDjARN didn’t notice they were your tracks originally, but it’s a small matter either way and in truth I am just glad to have heard this material get released at all.

Isn’t it funny just how much commotion 25 minutes of new (old) material can make in the times where there is simply such a massive drought of quality metal being released.

Another point of interest is why suddenly there are these new and re-released works coming out at this time? Is it possible that iLDjARN – NiDHOGG or Sort Vokter could ever reform?

Re: Ildjarn Split was written by Nidhogg
March 13, 2014, 05:25:11 PM
Hi again -
Well. Sort Vokter, no, that project will never be reformed. I'm not sure if people know how brief that co-operation lasted. We were friends much longer than we collaborated music-wise. I knew Harald and Kyrre for years in Notodden, and me and Vidar had already known each since right after high school. Sort Vokter was basically recorded in one session when Kyrre had a full studio at his disposal for a weekend. We were completely free to use the equipment as we wanted. We wrote the bulk of the material as we recorded it, so it was a very satisfying process, writing, recording and mixing a record in a short amount of days, free of anyones dictation. But we were pressed for time, and that's why we had to accept the end result, even though we weren't satisfied at the time of the recording, hence the pun about "...no care for technical details."
iLDjARN - NiDHOGG, no, I don't think that's gonna happen either. Life has different periods, so to speak. One gets even more stubborn as one gets older, and I'm not at all sure either me or Vidar are ever gonna write anything more before we bite the dust. A little bird told me he might release something never heard before, but don't hold me to it.

Re: Ildjarn Split was written by Nidhogg
March 13, 2014, 07:51:59 PM
Sort Vokter turned out brilliantly for the limited resources. I always felt the Ildjarn-Nidhogg vision had room to expand although perhaps not in a "metal" form.

Re: Ildjarn Split was written by Nidhogg
March 15, 2014, 06:34:31 PM
That's interesting information about the Sort Vokter project and I can imagine what a memorable weekend it must have been to write and record it. One thing I wonder about is the rumour that members of this project played different instruments on each track, however iLDjARN stated in an interview that he played most of the guitar and bass which would leave the other members doing vocals, synth, arranging drum/percussion patterns etc. In what way did the different members participate in the overall composition process?

As for new/unheard material by iLDjARN, that would be awesome. Hardangervidda re-release sounds good too (though I already have it on CD and snow-coloured vinyl  ;)). What about the unreleased material you spoke of on the youtube channel? Would it be anything like Hardangervidda or the 2 newer tracks on iLDjARN - NiDHOGG?

Re: Ildjarn Split was written by Nidhogg
March 16, 2014, 08:11:30 AM
No, the other two are avid musicians in their own right, and it was an equal contribution from all involved. For instance, "Hatefulle Tanker ut i Natten" was entirely composed by HEiiNGHUND (which means "Heathen Dog"  ;) ), and he played guitar on it and I think he played the bass too (Perhaps iLDjARN did, but I can't remember exactly). This goes for other songs as well. TViGYGRE also composed and executed pieces of his own, though I can't remember if he played any guitars (he does play it, though). I think iLDjARN was referring to his own compositions in this regard, we were all involved in both the writing and execution of the music (I didn't play either bass nor guitar). It was certainly not a thing revolving around iLDjARN or anything, we all knew each other from hanging out in Notodden together, and it was a concept we executed on equal terms. Speaking of the songwriting, I would say me and iLDjARN did about 40 percent each and the other guys 10 percent each. TViiGYGRE engineered it and we were all in on the mixing, of course. Since we're talking about it, I can mention that me and iLDjARN took the pics and did the artwork on it on the schoolcomputer at a teachers college I attended in Notodden. We used this computer a lot for covers (f.i. the "Svartfråd"-cover, and several iLDjARN-covers), and I was actually called in to the inspector for a warning because of suspicion of satanic intent with some other pics that lay on the computer  ;D

The two unreleased songs I mentioned sound nothing like each other, and nothing like the ambient or metal iLDjARN - NiDHOGG. One is classical orchestral piece and the other I would perhaps classify as Psychedelic Necro Ompa. This last one I'm about to upload when I get the gear up and running. The other, the orchestral one, was one song of a project I started about the same time as "Hardangervidda". But since I relocated from Notodden, I have become a dad and haven't picked up songwriting since.
Yeah, I hope the new "Hardangervidda"-release is a double-vinyl or at least vinyl. I had very little time to talk to iLDjARN, since I commuted with trains and busses. I wasn't too happy with the CD-release of "Hardangervidda" on Season of Mist, myself. It looked tacky with the artwork changed with red borders and stuff.

Re: Ildjarn Split was written by Nidhogg
March 18, 2014, 07:47:51 PM
One is classical orchestral piece

Did anyone else drool at this mention?

I fully support the growth of black metal into greater complexity like its forebears achieved.

I do not support the endless hybridization of black metal with known "outside" genres to make "new" styles.

Re: Ildjarn Split was written by Nidhogg
March 18, 2014, 08:36:02 PM
HEiiNGHUND (which means "Heathen Dog"  ;) )

Haha. Let me guess, HEiiNGHUND is the one pictured with the tongue hanging out?  :D

Anyway, Sort Vokter is really one of a kind. I can hear a bit of the iLDjARN - NiDHOGG sound in there but ultimately it is a different band as you say. There is a stronger ambient influence throughout the album in general, not just the keyboard parts. And the mixing/production gives it such a unique character, distorted and yet refined. Abstract yet direct.

As DMBM said, the two newer tracks on iLDjARN - NiDHOGG are really something else all together and if anything could reinvigorate the stagnant black metal genre it would surely be an expansion of this.

Hardangervidda was a breath of fresh air. It is one of my all time favourites of any type of music. The melodic development, the lush synth textures, the concept, the sense of journey throughout the album - it is simply brilliant. I think it is massively underrated in the metal community and is unfortunately mostly unheard of outside of that. Perhaps a re-release would help stimulate some interest in this genius work. Another idea might be to re-release it on a non-metal label for better distribution? I didn't know about the Seasons of Mist cover, the original Norse release is minimal but perfect.

The other tracks you mentioned sure sound interesting. The classical orchestral piece is using synth or real orchestral instruments? Was this project originally intended as a concept album (like Hardangervidda)?

Re: Ildjarn Split was written by Nidhogg
March 18, 2014, 08:37:18 PM
One is classical orchestral piece

Did anyone else drool at this mention?

I fully support the growth of black metal into greater complexity like its forebears achieved.

I do not support the endless hybridization of black metal with known "outside" genres to make "new" styles.

I absolutely agree.

While I have a lot of respect for bands that work within an established style and are dedicated, most of it bores me to tears. Solution: don’t think outside of the box. Study and understand the box, then smash it with a sledgehammer. Smash the pigeonholes too!