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It could be worse.

It could be worse.
April 22, 2014, 05:37:46 PM
Here is a post I made on another forum, after receiving two warnings about using line breaks.
I figured it would get me banned, and sure enough, it did.
See, on other forums, even the formatting you use can attract the Gestapo...

"Have you ever noticed how, in order to type anything on a forum, you have to do it inside a box?
If you use the post-quick-reply box, it is a very small box.

I tend to arrange what I type, so it fits inside the box. It looks better, to me.
This involves using line breaks, to make things fit.
It is also a matter of style, and the overall appearance of the text.
Long, long lines, confuse the eye, and one's place gets lost, when flipping to the next line.

Some people become upset by appearances. Sometimes, very upset.
In fact, so upset do some people become, that I will soon be banned for typing in a way that suits me.

Such is life, and if you don't hear from me again, well, good luck, and all that."


The post was deemed illegible and very hard to read.
Which left me wondering who was trying to read it. Maybe a cockroach?
So think yourselves fortunate to be members of such a forgiving forum.
It could be a lot worse!

Re: How lucky you are!
April 22, 2014, 08:59:30 PM
The post was deemed illegible and very hard to read.

Sounds like a personal vendetta on their part searching for a justification. Upset the existing order in any way, and you get branded a heretic and exiled. Monkeytime.

Re: How lucky you are!
April 22, 2014, 09:21:36 PM
The admins had posting accounts and were hounding me from thread to thread, waging all out warfare, trying to make a fool of me. They didn't realize I was already a fool, and so all their efforts came to naught.
Anybody who could post the things they posted, and not immediately get banned was obviously an admin.
All it took for me, was a pleasingly laid-out style.
It's the weakest excuse I've ever seen.
But a funny one :)

Re: It could be worse.
April 23, 2014, 01:54:19 AM
It's funny how quick the knee-jerk is when somebody writes in that manner. When you violate the collective sacred cow, and fail to kowtow to a superfluous group standard, people all do a turn to the same omega-point and having found the strength, collectively, to oppose the individual who dares to raise their voice, throttle them.

Anybody with an ounce of self-respect would immediately notice how noxious this is. But the principle of 'vocal minorities' also comes into play. Sad.

And Crow, good of you to plead foolishness, for it makes them foolish by their own standard. Edifying

Maybe I'll start writing to fill the box. If I make 3 word posts, I'll just space out the letters to conform to the rectangle. And watch as hipsters catch on, and call this "meta-posting".


Re: It could be worse.
April 23, 2014, 05:16:11 AM
It's interesting that they warned you twice, to publicly cultivate the pretext for a ban - i.e. i want to act like a douchebag, but still superficially seem like a nice guy.

Re: It could be worse.
April 23, 2014, 08:57:55 AM
What is shocking is that the content of my posts seemed to rarely even register.
I went to extraordinary lengths to discover how much of what I was writing was getting through.
I discovered that almost none of it was, and that people in general, were unable to recognize much of anything through the wall of judgment that each one erected between themselves, and understanding.

This fabulous internet age is ironic in its being the only age of man to have completely shut down all communication, while simultaneously making it easier than it ever has been before.

Just goes to show: make something too easy, and the whole reason you'd do it in the first place gets forgotten.

Communication has become a complex posturing act, rather than the sharing of information it once was.

Re: It could be worse.
April 23, 2014, 01:54:54 PM
Indeed, communication with some people is exceedingly difficult. To deliver a message, one must play many games including jumping through hoops, walking on eggshells, and flowing through filters. Weaklings create this terrible amount of trouble to protect themselves from feeling insulted, awkward, uncomfortable, inferior, etc. (feelings that they choose to feel, often based on arbitrary constructs) and perhaps to prevent themselves from hearing the hard truths, the things that they do not want to hear. This is an incredible handicap for straightforward people, honest people, and anyone who simply wants to communicate ideas.

Pardon my lack of understanding crow, but why did you ban Imposition? Please correct me if I am wrong, but to me it seems that you banned him because he insulted you. I worry that your (re)action might have proved his point. Certainly an alternative to expunging him from the forum was discussing and reasoning with him why his classification of your behavior was incorrect, so why did you not choose to do that instead?

This begets a question: do leaders need to justify their actions to their subjects? Part of me thinks that the answer is yes, because:
*If the leader cannot explain the reasoning behind his actions to others, then perhaps he acted personally, emotionally, idiosyncratically, or in another manner that is in discord with nature/reality.
*A leader who spends the time and effort explaining these things fosters in his citizens a care and desire to further the well-being of their society, as well as a continued trust and belief that the leader will steer the society to prosperity.

The only reason for the contrary position that I can currently conjure is that of the mandate of heaven, in which the ruler possesses a divine virtue. Perhaps wisdom of this origin cannot be effectively transmitted via language, meaning that only the leader himself can understand why his actions are virtuous. This argument is not sitting well with me right now because it demands a sort of blind trust.

Re: It could be worse.
April 23, 2014, 03:40:12 PM
I think crow's frustration is that he desires the forum to reach a state in which it isn't necessary for him to explain why certain behaviors are unproductive.

Re: It could be worse.
April 23, 2014, 04:18:26 PM
I think crow's frustration is that he desires the forum to reach a state in which it isn't necessary for him to explain why certain behaviors are unproductive.

Understandable. It's nice to have a basis to build upon, not constantly re-invent the wheel. Maybe this is something that more experienced members can pass on as a kind of "culture."

Re: It could be worse.
April 23, 2014, 08:23:57 PM
Imposition was banned before, because he was behaving the way he was behaving this latest time.
Ha asked to be reinstated, and I reinstated him without a second thought.
Which goes to show what a soft-hearted pussy weakling idiot I am.
I get really peeved when my goodwill gets shat upon.
Not that it's anybody's business, but there it is.

No. Leadership does not involve explaining shit to anybody. That's what leaders are for. To take care of this stuff.
Unless you want one of those lame, democracy thingies. If you do, well, you're gonna be disappointed.
We do something close to dictatorship here.
We still need some practice though.
It's not easy being a dictator when you don't really want to be.

FWIW Imposition and Vigilance may come back, any time, after a week.
I always hope for improvement. I always deal with its opposite.

Re: It could be worse.
April 23, 2014, 10:12:44 PM
Second chances are usually a good thing to be liberal with.  Third chances usually are not.

Re: It could be worse.
April 23, 2014, 11:55:32 PM
Well, it could definitely be worse:
We just had a 6.6 earthquake with two hefty aftershocks. Golly.
Now that's stuff that counts.
Praise de Lord.

Re: It could be worse.
April 24, 2014, 03:54:16 AM
I guess to my mind it all comes down to Spengler and Plato.

Every population gets the leader it deserves.

If people are not autonomous actors for moral good, Authority steps right in.

The problem with "metal" is that it's in the entertainment-zone, i.e. people come here to be entertained. They thus tend to treat the place like an amusement park, which means you know, taking a dump in the car park and throwing your empty coke bottles on the ground.

If people here want less dictatorship, they need to step up the behavior and be critical of those who don't.

Same applies by the way to the USA. When the average behavior involves driving SUVs, being piggish and power hungry, wasting resources and acting dramatic, there's going to be a need for some tinpot with a uniform.

We got Obama -- whose only problem is that he's essentially a 1930s-style Red, passed on via his 1960s style disaster of a mother -- instead. Probably a gentle let down all things considered.

Re: It could be worse.
April 24, 2014, 05:37:26 AM
Crow: Respectfully, why do you post on forums(this one excepted)? I mentioned in another post what makes this one different, the lack of social drama. What did you think was going to happen, not playing along with the lockstep routine most forums provide? You provoked some morons!

Forums in general are magnets for idiots and herd thinking. The ones oriented around "antisocial" or otherwise "alternative" subcultures are no different, if anything they're worse. Political forums, comment threads, social media, all of it - you're wasting your time, and if you're the typical ANUS reader I imagine you suffer fools poorly, so why why why bother with online forums? You're not going to convert anyone to a more intelligent way of thinking; people come into that on their own or they never come into it at all.

This is literally the only forum I ever post at or would ever, and I am not a huge poster even here.

Re: It could be worse.
April 24, 2014, 09:39:25 AM
Research, mostly. I have something approaching an obsession with the idea of communication.
I have many reasons for this. Not least having had a terrible stutter until only three years ago.
I still have a great deal of trouble accepting just how dysfunctional communication is among people.
I'm about done now, though. Not a lot more to explore, and nothing to be done.