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Is our society worse for smart young women than men?

Anyone thats grown up in this soulless void knows that it takes a toll on your mental well being. The following topic has come up in passing but never discussed in-depth.

Is it possible that it's even worse for women? Young men are almost by default anti-authoritarian and find it easy, even enjoyable to shout "no gods no masters!" and go join a anarcho-punk commune with a few like minded people or whatever.

Women on the other hand generally need to have a place in the general community and are more dependent. Its hard for smart folk to find a proper partner, its hard enough to meet other intelligent people let alone one that also is compatible with your personality long term. Some girls are lucky enough to find a group of like minded people and take solace in that counter-community, most aren't.

It sucks for men to be alone romantically but it's even harder on women. Worse, the stress of living in a society that denies all things masculine, especially physical outlets for aggression, has left many of the smarter young guys neurotic, angry and quick to lash out.

Happily, it's not my problem. I am a man.
I have enough problems of my own, to spend time wondering how it is for women.
My wife takes a canny route: she defers to me because I am a man, and she is not.
If it is, indeed, 'a man's world', she is very wise to take that into account and learn to deal with it.
Rather than claim 'it's a man's world', then go demanding that it shouldn't be.

If it is, indeed, 'a man's world', she is very wise to take that into account and learn to deal with it.
Rather than claim 'it's a man's world', then go demanding that it shouldn't be.
What? This isn't some feminist diatribe, quite the opposite. It's just about how living in a corrupt soulless society might be harsher for girls than boys. Because it might be a mans world, but it aint a mans society anymore, and that leaves most girls directionless.

You'd be well advised to think about how it is for women, with women men are nothing, without men women are nothing. The disconnect between the sexes is one of the worst things about our broken society.

I am reporting what works, no matter what you may think about it.
My wife has made her life work. It works. I describe how she has done this.
Apparently it is something of a mystery to everybody else.
It's about service, which in other words, is worship.
She doesn't worship 'me'.
She worships the Reality of which I am a part.

Mysterious stuff :)

Thanks for initiating this topic; it crosses my mind often. In my experience, sane women are more rare than sane men these days.

I think that the answer to your question is yes, Dinaric Leather. Men have collapsed. They have largely morphed into either hyper-macho jerks or skinny nerds. They lack respect, honor, responsibility, integrity, and other important values; they are the opposite of proper role models. These common male personas pressure women to act unnaturally. Romance decays in turn and women retreat into hardened shells, fearing further disappointment. The societal expectations for women have also changed; more schooling, work responsibility, etc. Motherhood has been devalued, and maintaining the home and caring for the man are shunned.

When men are worked to death, anger and vigor build within them; when women are worked to death, their spirits wither. They fold under all of these pressures instead of blooming into beautiful creatures as most of them would uninhibited. They become men, they become whores, they become lifeless robots, and they become aggressive, pretentious, bitter liberals. Women do what they can to survive, I think; they are resourceful in that way. Men will die on the battlefields, but women must survive. Their current status is a reflection of the times, and I think that with a healthy society they may return to their equilibrium state of beauty. Or maybe not. Darkness is upon us.

Some thoughts on why women are more affected than men:
*They are more emotionally-geared thinkers, which is a virtue but leads to easier brainwashing
*They want to nurture things, by their nature; unlike males, they are not capable of active participation in sustained warfare and rebellion

It's probably about the same. Men and women face different problems on different time curves but their magnitude is the same.

Women have it easier when they are younger, doors are held open and their ego gets puffed up by constant male attention. Of course when their looks and youth begin to fade, the ride ends. The challenge for a woman is to use her golden window of youth as a time to build relationships/community and develop interpersonal skills, so she has a solid life foundation by the time her looks go.

Men start adulthood with no status and no respect, and gradually build it up through life via career, social skills, knowledge, confidence etc. The challenge for a man is to grow in wisdom through life and learn from his mistakes without becoming cynical and embittered along the way by the opposition he faces.

Is it a man's world or a woman's world? I think society privileges girls over boys, but ultimately privileges men over women. Just look at how "man" and "girl" are usually spoken as compliments, while "woman" and "boy" are usually insulting.
Both sexes get their day in the barrel, just not on the same day.

Our society's great for young women!

The problem with that is that it leads them astray. The more we perfect something, the less of a goal there is in life itself, so people get tangential.